From May 26 to 29, 2022

Tourist activities in Paris during Ascension Day

(we advise you to book your tickets in advance. Some dates are sold out, for example the Kids Tour in a panoramic bus)

Everything is open on Ascension Day (subject to availability): cruises on the Seinevisits to Paris by sightseeing bus, the must-see monuments as Eiffel Tower (attention, almost complete) or the view from the Arc de Triomphe or the view on Paris from the Montparnasse tower. The Parisian museums are open, including for their temporary exhibitions.

walk with a teenager

Guided tours, enigma walks, Escape-Games scheduled on Ascension Day

A family visit to a museum

Reserve now... Places are going fast!

An Enigma Walk (without a guide, in complete autonomy, on the day and time of your choice)

Our selection of original visits during the Ascension weekend

Reserve now... Places are going fast!

A fun and cultural treasure hunt

Outdoor activities if the weather is good on Ascension Day

Indoor activities on Ascension Day

A nice family outing

With the youngest

Around Paris, in the Ile-de-France during the Ascension

"Versailles Revolution tower"

"Versailles Revolution tour

The historical guided tour on the French Revolution. Visit currently maintained

Free for children under 12

"2 hours to save the King" scavenger hunt (at Versailles)

2 hours to save the King" treasure hunt (in Versailles)

The historical treasure hunt to discover the court of Louis XIV. 10:30 am to 4 pm

Free for children 6 and under

Vél'OFIL, the Véxin by electric bike

Vél'OFIL, the Véxin by electric bike

Discover the Vexin by electric bike. 1 hour from Paris by car or train

The SEA LIFE Aquarium

SEA LIFE Aquarium

A very educational aquarium. Open 7 days a week and holidays (except December 25)

Reduced rate

Guided backstage tour of the Stade de France

Backstage tour of the Stade de France

Hookups around Paris

The accrobranches around Paris

One of the children's favorite outings.

Zoo Safari de Thoiry

Thoiry Safari Zoo

The Escape Game "The Magic Portal" (92)

The Escape Game "Le portail magique" (92)

The outdoor escape game at the castle of Nanterre . Every day

Discover the birthday package

Escape Game : "Operation GreenFinger" (92)

Escape Game : "Operation GreenFinger" (92)

The outdoor escape game in Nanterre. Every day

Discover the birthday package

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