The unmissable family exhibitions in Paris

With toddlers, 7/12 year olds and teens

Exhibitions for 7-12 year-olds

Exhibitions for ages 12 and up

Immersive experiences

Which exhibitions to see in Paris? Our selection of current exhibitions for children and teenagers in Paris. Theexhibition Banksy Paris is one of the coolest with teens. This year, several photo exhibitions have been presented in Paris. Our advice: buy your tickets for the exhibitions in advance to avoid long lines. This is essential for the very big Parisian exhibitions especially the weekend and even more so during the school vacations. If possible, to avoid the crowds, schedule your visit in the early evening (see our article on museums that make nightlife). And finally, think about permanent collections of museums. They often attract fewer people and yet are still very interesting

Paris is one of the cities in the world that presents most temporary exhibitions, thanks in particular to the quality of its museums. These exhibitions are internationally renownedwhich explains the public's infatuation for them. It is therefore highly recommended  to reserve as soon as possible to avoid long queues with children. Exhibitions are usually in French and Englishsometimes also in Spanish. Very often, around the exhibitions, workshops are proposed to the young public, for children alone, family guided toursworkshops, family workshops, game books. Sometimes Some exhibits are designed specifically for children. This is still the case for the Museum in Grass. This one is specifically for children from 3 years old. The Little Gallery of Louvre Museum is another venue designed specifically for young audiences. These two institutions organize two to three different exhibitions per year for young audiences. Of course they do, the city of Science, the Museum of Natural History and the Palace of Discovery always offer exhibitions for young people.