Boat rental for less than 15? (for 1 hour)

Boating has a country feel to it. For lovers (or future lovers), it is ultra romantic. For those who live in an apartment in Paris, it's a breath of fresh air and gives an air of vacation. And when it's sunnyIt is very pleasant! If sportsmen find this activity boring, don't be mistaken, rowing for 1 hour is not a walk in the park! It's a good exercise to strengthen your arms and legs. The small children They love it and it is an opportunity to teach them to row. And teens (without parents) will have a great time! Don't forget your hats and sunscreen!

At Lake Daumesnil (Vincennes woods)

  • Rate for 1 hour  13,50 ? for 1 or 2 persons and 14,50 ? for 3 persons
  • Guarantee  : 20? (check or cash)
  • When  Every day from 10am to 8pm (including weekends and holidays, last departure at 7pm)
  • Access   Route de Ceinture du lac Daumesnil, metro Porte Dorée (line 8), bus 46
  • Closing   November 15 to February 15
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At the Lac des Minimes (Bois de Vincennes)

  • Rate for 1 hour 10? for 1 or 2 persons and 12? for 3, 4 or 5 persons
  • Guarantee : 10? (check or cash)
  • When Wednesdays, Saturdays and holidays from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm (Sundays from 11 am to 7:30 pm). School vacations: every day from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm, (Sunday from 11 am to 7:30 pm)
  • Access avenue de Nogent, bus 210 or 114
  • Closing From the end of November to the beginning of March
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In the Bois de Boulogne (at the Chalet des Iles)

  • Rate (up to 5p) : 8? for 1/2h ? 12? for 1h ? 21? for 2H
  • Guarantee : 50? (check or cash)
  • When Monday to Sunday from 12 to 6 pm
  • Access Metro line 9 (Rue de la Pompe station), RER C (Henri-Martin station), Bus line 63 (Porte de la Muette terminus), Bus line PC (Porte de la Muette station)
  • Closing Early November to mid-March
  • Warning If you are an amateur, it takes about 1 hour to go around the island
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