Tested and approved by children (and parents)

Our offer is reduced! Indeed, in our " Birthdays for children "and "Birthday parties for teens". we privilege quality over quantity! We have selected these services for their seriousness and originality. We have been working with the animators for a long time. The feedback from teens and parents on these services is very positive. The birthday formula which is a hit for teenagers is the?Shooted Birthday. It is our TOP n°1 of this section and a Familin?Paris exclusivity. the pre-teens (from 12 to 15 years old) can also celebrate their anniversary at the Paris Aquarium (a very complete formula with a visit to the Aquarium of Paris + meeting with a scientist + boom). Very soon, new formulas.

L?Escape Game ?Les Mystères de Montmartre? (teen/adult)

The Mysteries of Montmartre Escape Game (teenagers/adults)

# -10% code FAMILINPROMO

In the open air, in the 18th district. Difficulty : ++.

Investigation track game "Arsène Lupin's last secret"

Investigation game "The last secret of Arsène Lupin".

A historical treasure hunt to discover the history of the Ile Saint-Louis. For all, from 9 years old

The escape game ?Les secrets du Marais?

The escape game "Secrets of the Marais?

# -10% code FAMILINPROMO

Outdoor Escape game in the Marais (4th). Difficulty : +.

The Escape Game "Secrets of the Covered Passages" (teen/adult)

The Escape Game "The secrets of the covered passages? (teenager/adult)

# -10% code FAMILINPROMO

Partly sheltered, in the 9th. Difficulty: ++.

The Escape Game ?Street Art at the Butte-aux-Cailles?

Street Art Escape Game at the Butte-aux-Cailles?

# -10% code FAMILINPROMO

In the open air, in a part of the 13th district. Difficulty : +++

Hoverboard birthday party at home

Hoverboard birthday party at home

At home (Paris, suburbs). From 8/9 years old (+30kg)

5 children min.

Birthday forms for athletes

Birthday packages for athletes

For children who like to exercise. From 8 years old

All our birthday packages for kids and teens

All our birthday packages for children and teenagers

Tested and approved formulas (by children and parents). For children from 3 years old

Birthday: initiation + ride (or games) on Hoverboard

Birthday party : initiation + ride (or games) on a Hoverboard

In Paris. From 8 years old

5 children min.

Birthday: e-Hockey© in Hoverboard

Birthday : e-Hockey© in Hoverboard

In Paris. From 8 years old

5 children min.

My birthday "shot" with a professional photographer

My birthday "shot" with a professional photographer

EXCLUSIVE TO FAMILIN' (TOP N°1). From 6/8 years old

In Paris (district of your choice)

The Escape Game ?Investigation in the Halles district?

The Escape Game "Investigation in the Halles district?

# -10% code FAMILINPROMO

In the open air, at Les Halles and around the Montorgueil market. Difficulty : ++.

Escape Game : "Operation GreenFinger" (92)

Escape Game : "Operation GreenFinger" (92)

The outdoor escape game in Nanterre. For 12 years old and more

Discover the birthday package

"Crime in Père-Lachaise"

Crime in Père-Lachaise" game trail

At Père Lachaise (Paris 20ème). From 11 to 14 years old

Up to 12 youth (depending on the formula)

Ideas for outings or activities for teens


Musicanimale “le grand bestiaire sonore”


Les sentiers lumineux de Noël

Mission Goldfingers à l'Antre Magique

Mission Goldfingers

la journée Paralympique

La journée Paralympique

l'horizon de kheops

L?horizon de Khéops

expo pour les ados autour du Street Art

The World of Banksy

affiche de l'exposition au musée maillol

Hyperréalisme, ceci n’est pas un corps !

visite guidée sur la 1ère guerre mondiale aux Invalides

La visite guidée “La grande guerre aux Invalides”


La visite-enquête ?A qui profite le crime ??

visite pour les enfants et les ados à l'Arc de Triomphe

La visite guidée “Que de bataille pour un Triomphe”

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