The most beautiful districts of Paris

The essentials, the guided tours, our favorites...

What to do in Paris, neighborhood by neighborhood? What are the nicest neighborhoods for families? Each district of Paris has its own particularities and singularities: popular district, medieval district, district of museumsFor all these districts of Paris to discover or for a simple stroll, our advice, favorites, unusual ideasguided tours with kids and teens.

The Eiffel Tower district


  • Eiffel Towerof course! Remember to buy your tickets for the Eiffel Tower in advance to avoid queues at the ticket office
  • A cruise-walk on the Seine. The Vedettes de Paris company is right at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The show from the Seine is magical! Take advantage of our discounted rates.

To do with children

An exceptional lunch or dinner

  • Lunch or dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower. We are not talking about the gourmet restaurant! But the snack bar located on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower.
  • cruise lunch or dinner on the Seine (with the Bateaux-Parisiens)

Think of the Batobus to get around

  • There is a stop Batobus at the foot of the Eiffel Tower (Port de la Bourdonnais, Paris 7e). It's nice and so much more pleasant than the metro or the RER

The Trocadero district

A must in the neighborhood

The main museums in the Trocadero district

  • The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris
  • The Palais de Tokyo
  • The Musée de l'Homme, fun with children and teenagers
  • The National Museum of Asian Arts Guimet
  • The Galliéra Museum (for its temporary exhibitions)

Our favorite address of the district

  • The Carette tea room From salads to pastries, not to mention its famous hot chocolate, everything is delicious. It's quite expensive, but it's a very nice address in Paris

Think of the Batobus to get around

  • There is a stop Batobus Right bank, in front of the Esplanade des Invalides (Port des Champs-Elysées, Paris 8e). It's nice and so much more pleasant than the metro or the RER

The Champs-Elysées district


  • Walk down the Champs-Elysées towards Place de la Concorde and stroll past the pretty shops and large signs lining the two alleys.

Museums in the Champs-Elysées district

  • The Grand Palace and its temporary exhibitions
  • The Petit Palais  : Musée des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris (permanent collection free for all)
  • The Palace of Discovery (science museum): currently closed for renovation.
  • The Orangery Museum (Place de la Concorde) which houses an extraordinary collection of impressionist paintings.

With toddlers

  • The shop Disney Store, 44 avenue des Champs-Elysées
  • The Guignol Theater Champs-Elysees (Roundabout Champs-Elysees)

With children and teenagers

  • The Palace of DiscoveryThis is an exciting place where temporary and permanent exhibitions are designed for young audiences and teenagers. Attention, this museum is temporarily closed for renovation.
  • Side shopping with teens, the shop Abercrombie and Addidas

Our favorite neighborhood

  • the view from the Arc de Triomphe, beautiful! (free for under 18s)
  • Treat yourself to a macaroon or a pastry at The duration, a famous pastry shop in Paris

Good to know

The Louvre district

A must in the neighborhood

Also to do in the neighborhood

With young children

  • Stroll in the Tuileries garden (playgrounds, ponies ...)
  • The Museum in Grass a lovely museum on a human scale that offers temporary exhibitions that are always fascinating
  • Milirue exploration notebooks (Discovery trail to be done on foot / Available in 4-7 years and 8-13 years versions)

With children from 6 years old

With teens

Unusual or original guided tours in this area

Our favorites in the neighborhood

Go get a hot chocolate in the luxurious Angelina's tea room

Think of the Batobus to get around

There is a stop Batobus at the foot of the Louvre (Quai du Louvre, Paris 1st). It's nice and so much more pleasant than the metro or the RER

Ile-de-la-Cité, Notre-Dame

A must in the neighborhood

  • The visit of Notre Dame de Paris
  • The visit of the Conciergerie and Sainte-Chapelle
  • Go eat an ice cream at Berthillon
  • Stroll along the banks of the Seine and get lost on the Ile-de-la-Cité

With teens

With children

Unusual tours in the neighborhood

WE love

  • Strolls on the Ile-de-la-Cité and on the Ile-Saint-Louis

The Batobus to get around

  • This is theBatobus stop in the heart of Paris (Quai de Montebello, Paris 5th). It's nice and so much more pleasant than the metro or the RER

A must in the neighborhood

The Montmartre district

  • The view of Paris since Montmartre is beautiful
  • Get off the beaten track and get lost in this neighborhood by taking the small streets behind and around the sacred heart

Unusual tours in the neighborhood

To do in this district:

Fun: an outdoor Escape Game in Montmartre

With toddlers

  • The Montmartre train, to visit the neighborhood without getting tired

A very nice neighborhood for shopping

  • The rue des Abbesses, the rue Lepic...

Good to know :

  • Many stores are open on Sunday and the atmosphere is very nice

The Opera district

Coup de coeur in this neighborhood

  • Fragonard Perfume Museum (free)
  • The visit of theParis Opera
  • Flyview, a simulator of flight over Paris
  • In December: the Christmas windows of the Parisian department stores

Friendly guided tours in the neighborhood

  • The visit-show " A love of Opera "animated by a former dancer of the Opera

With teens

  • The Concept Store Citadium, loved teens

Inescapable in the neighborhood for tourists

Open on Sundays

  • Galeries Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann are open on Sundays

The Grands Boulevards

Coup de coeur in the neighborhood

  • the visit of Rex Studios (formerly the Stars of Rex)
  • a walk in thecovered passages like the Passage des Panoramas or the passage Jouffroy

Unusual tours in the neighborhood

Two outdoor Escape Games to discover the neighbourhood

Museums in the Grands Boulevards district

The Covered Passages

Mythical in the neighborhood

A must to eat

The Marais district

Our favorites in the neighborhood

  • The Picasso Museum in the splendid Hôtel Salé retraces all of Picasso's work (for families from 6/8 years)
  • Have lunch or taste in the lovely Carette tea roomPlace des Vosges. It is quite expensive but everything is delicious
  • Go taste Dormouse in the teapot, one of our favorites in the neighborhood and crack for their incredible lemon pie (or for another cake, they are all good)
  • Typical of the neighborhood, eat a falafel or a delicious Jewish pastry from Central Europe on rue des RosiersA neighborhood of museums
  • The Picasso Museum in the splendid Hôtel Salé retraces all of Picasso's work (for families from 6/8 years)
  • The hunting museum, an exciting museum (for the whole family)
  • The Museum of Jewish Art and History (from the college)
  • The Shoah Memorial (from the middle school
  • The museum of magic (fun with young children)
  • The Carnavalet Museum, on the history of ParisDiscover the Marais in a different way: guided tour and Escape Game
  • Guided tour " When Street Art tells the History of the Marais "(from 8 years old)
  • The show visit " Magic of the Marais "(from 7 years old)
  • The Escape Game outdoor " Secrets of the swamp "(from 10/11 years old) A must in the Marais
  • The magnificent Place des Vosgesone of the most beautiful squares in ParisA mecca for shopping in Paris
  • All major brands and fashionable signs are in the Marais district and icing on the cake, the shops are open on Sundays.

The Canal Saint-Martin

Our favorites in this area

  • Renting bikes and stroll along the Canal Saint-Martin to the Bassin de la Villette
  • Walk along the canal on foot
  • Go to the bakery to buy bread or pastries". Bread and Ideas

To the basin of Villette and the park of Villette

  • Must-See: The City of Science and Children, the Geode
  • We go to the Cité de la Musique - Philharmonie de Paris for : his family concerts, its museum of music
  • Very nice, rent a small electric boat, for 1h or more
  • Take the little ones to play in one of the 10 theme gardens of the Parc de la Villette (the garden of the Dunes, the garden of the Dragon, the garden of mirrors...)

The Halles and Montorgeuil districts

Our favorites in the Les Halles district

  • The Georges Pompidou Centera magnificent museum of 20th century art
  • The Stravinsky Fountain and his sculptures of Kalder and Niky de Saint-Phale
  • The view of the rooftops of Paris from the 5th floor of the Beaubourg center
  • Book a guided hoverboard ride (with children from 8/10 years old and TOP with teenagers). It's fun, funny and a great way to visit Paris

Our favorites in the Montorgueil district

  • The passage of the Big Deer, one of our favorite passages in paris
  • The very elegant Vivienne Gallery and the pretty place des Victoire
  • Go for dinner in one of the many small restaurants in the rue Montorgueil or in the surrounding streets. The atmosphere is very lively and very nice

With children

  • The children's workshop at the Georges Pompidou Center workshops for young people are scheduled throughout the year
  • The Jean-sans-Peur Towera medieval tower in the heart of Paris, the last vestige of the hotel of the Dukes of Burgundy
  • Magic shows, bluffing of Double bottom, for 5/12 year olds (and their parents)

With teens

  • The studio 13/16 of the Pompidou Centera place reserved for teenagers
  • Original, take them in the evening to see a magic show at the magic café, place Sainte-Catherine
  • The Forum des Halles. You can find all the favorite brands of teenagers (Zara, Pull&Bear, Jennifer, Mango, Undiz to name a few)

Practical shopping

  • The Forum des Halles has been completely renovated (as has the whole neighborhood). Practical to take refuge there if it rains and it is open on sunday

Latin Quarter and 5th

Our favorites in this area

  • The Great Gallery of Evolution at the Jardin des Plantes (from 2/3 years old and for the whole family). This is one of our favorite places in Paris with children
  • The Natural History Museumabsolutely exciting!

A must in the neighborhood

With teens

Original to do in the neighborhood

  • Go get a mint tea with an oriental pastry at the Great Mosque of Paris

Think of the Batobus to get around

  • There is a stop Quai Saint-Bernard (Paris 5th). It's nice and so much more pleasant than the metro or the RER. All the info on the Batobus

The Bois de Boulogne and 16th district


Guided tours

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