What to do in Paris with a baby or toddler?

Ideas for outings and activities in Paris with children under 3 years old

7 fun ideas with a child under 3 years old

  1. science : The Children's City (course 2-5 years)
  2. Music : Jazz and snacks at Sunset Sunside (every Sunday until the end of April)
  3. Concert : Les bébés concert at the Théâtre de L'Atelier
  4. Park and games : The Acclimatization Garden
  5. Musical comedy : The Birthday of Capucine (until April 16)
  6. Museum : The Budding Museum (the museum in Paris for toddlers)
  7. Animals : The farm of Paris (free)

And visits for toddlers around the exhibition "Living forms" at the Manufacture de Sèvres (until May 23, 2023)

And a ❤ for the pretty store "The Little Refiners" 🎁

You are looking for ideas for outings with your baby ! Below is a selection of activities to do with a baby under 1 year old, under 18 months oldetc. (up to 3 years old). Among the activities that parents like the most, zoological parks as the Menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes or the farm of Paris in the 12th district or the Aquarium of Paris. Outside of Paris, all educational farms are an ideal outing with children under 2 or 3 years old. Many small theaters in Paris offer shows for babies. Too young to go to the museum? In Paris in the 1st district, the budding museum offers exhibitions for very young children. For musical awakeningThe Orchestre Lamoureux offers 30-minute baby concerts. A must on weekends for young parents remains baby swimmers. Unfortunately we don't have any good plans for a weekend with baby near Paris (your addresses are welcome).

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