Guided family tour of the Saint-Denis basilica for children aged 8 to 14

This visit is led by guides specialized in young people

guided tour of the Saint Denis basilica

Pitch of the guided family tour of the Saint-Denis basilica

Older than Notre-Dame, there are? the basilica of Saint-Denis, a historical and architectural marvel. Masterpiece of Gothic art, the basilica hosts thehe graves of 43 kings and 32 queens! 

  • During this guided family tour, children will discover, first of all, the principle of gothic constructions. Why so high? And how does it all fit? And why colored stained glass windows? Explanation of the cross-arches, the buttresses, and a demonstration?
  • The other theme of the visit is about the choice of this basilica for last residence of the kings of France. Why in Saint-Denis? Why, the body parts of the kings are sometimes ?scattered like a puzzle? Here but also elsewhere in France or abroad? What is the difference between a recumbent, a praying and a transit?

  • This guided tour of the Saint Denis basilica is punctuated by little disgusting stories, like the terrible story of Saint-Denis and many other little stories and rituals of the time, sometimes very morbids? so that culture becomes a child's play.
  • A fascinating visit with Saint-Denis, Dagobert, Saint-Louis, Catherine de Médicis, Henri IV, Louis XVII?
  • A playful guided tour adapted to children from 8 years old.

Individual visit of the Saint-Denis basilica (rates and info)

-10% on the price of the guided tour with code FAMILINPARIS

  • Adult rate : 22? (including the entrance ticket to the basilica)
  • Child rate : 13? (the entrance to the basilica is free for children)
  • 20 to 22 participants maximum per visit
  • Duration of the visit  : 1h30
  • Visit in French
  • No waiting for tickets
Basilica of Saint Denis, the last residence of the kings of France

Private visit (rates and info)

? Nice to reserve for several families (more reasonable budget)

  • Rate (up to 6 persons) : 180 ?
  • Additional 20% if the visit takes place on a Sunday or a holiday
  • Duration of the visit  : 1h30
  • Visit in French, English, Spanish
  • No waiting for tickets

For schools or youth centres

  • From 180 ? the visit / class or group + free admission for 2 teachers
  • Reservation fee of 30 euros (up to 35 students).
  • School for classes from 1st to 6th grade
  • Leisure centre, youth association, town hall for children from 8 to 14 years old
  • Activity booklet provided in PDF format (or printed for each child at an additional cost)
  • Payments in administrative vouchers are accepted
detail of the interior of the Saint-Denis Basilica
detail of the Sant-Denis basilica in Saint-Denis
tombs inside the Basilica of Saint-Denis

Practical information

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