An outdoor escape game / historical clue to discover Versailles under Louis XIV
Ideal with children from 10 years old
Duration of the game 2h
treasure hunt 2 hours to save the king in Versailles
  • A treasure hunt - historical investigation in Versailles inspired by the poisons affair that really existed under Louis XIV
  • Your mission To try to find out who tried to poison King Louis XIV.
  • It's an outdoor treasure hunt / Clue
  • This treasure hunt takes place in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles (from April to October) or in the historic town of Versailles (all year round)
  • Warning, the Palace of Versailles is not part of this treasure hunt.

I book the treasure hunt in the park of Versailles

I book the treasure hunt in the city of Versailles

The price of the treasure hunt ?2 hours to save the King? :

  • Scavenger hunt in the city of Versailles :
    • 25 euros per participant
    • Free for children under 10 years old
    • Game available all year round
  • Scavenger hunt in the park of the castle :
    • 35 euros per participant
    • 10 euros for the 6-10 years old for the game in the park (the entrance in the park is paying for the children from 6 years old)
    • From April 07 to October 31

Practical information :

  • It's a historical treasure hunt which takes place outdoor
  • 2 courses to choose from in the gardens of the castle or in the Saint-Louis district of Versailles
  • The survey in the park of the castle takes place from April to the end of October
  • Duration of the game: about 2 hours.
  •  This game is played in teams. The number of participants is not limited. However, a minimum of 2 players is required.
  • groups of minors must be accompanied by an adult during their investigation
  • The meeting place is located in front of the Place d'Armes statue (in front of the Palace of Versailles)
  • Up to 24 hours before the visit, it is possible to cancel the reservation free of charge, in case of bad weather or for health reasons. Just send us an email

"2 hours to save the King": between an escape game and a life-size clue

An outdoor treasure hunt, ideal for families

  • The objective of this historical treasure hunt, designed as a life-size clue or an outdoor escape game, is to discover the history of Versailles at the time of the Sun King while having fun. .
  • You have the choice between 2 courses : the park of the Castle and its groves or the Saint Louis district of Versailles (historical heart of Versailles which is characterized by very wide avenues very pleasant to move).
  • It's a visit very adapted to the whole family (ideal from 9 years old). It is not necessary to have any particular historical knowledge, the game is designed for everyone.

The pitch:

  • The pitch is inspired by the history of poisons that really existed under Louis XIV . In 1681, an attempt was made to poison the king. The person who commissioned it was never found.
  • There are 8 suspects: Athénaïs de Montespan, Monsieur Frère, the Marquise de Sévigné, the Iron Mask, the Prince de Condé, Olympe Mancini, Anthonin de Lauzun, La grande Mademoiselle.
  • Gabriel Nicolas de La Reynie, first lieutenant general of the police force (to whom we owe Paris ville lumière), in spite of a tenacious investigation, did not manage to discover the truth.
  • Your mission: you will have 2 hours to take over and try to find the culprit !

The course of the treasure hunt / escape game :

  • At the beginning, a sealed envelope (containing the instructions) and a vial of poison will be given to you by an instructor.
  • Your team will have to find out who the assassin is in order to save the king.
  • To help you, you will have clues throughout the treasure hunt and, if necessary, the help of an animator who can be reached at any time by phone.
  • 2 hours later, you will meet the host. The winning team will then be chosen.
  • A surprise awaits all participants at the finish line.

Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Audmerckx, on 25-12-2022

Very nice activity of treasure hunt allowing to discover a good part of the old Versailles while being plunged in an investigation drawn from historical events Very nice walk and well done treasure hunt To do !!!

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Merckx, on 26-11-2022

Very nice activity of treasure hunt allowing to discover a good part of the old Versailles while being plunged in an investigation drawn from historical events Very nice walk and well done treasure hunt To do !!!

Star Star Star Star Star - .
Written by Jennifer, 10-10-2022

Wonderful adventure to live with family and friends. Original and exhilarating for young and old. It is a unique and fun discovery of the gardens of Versailles. Try it at least once.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great moment
Written by Amar Chabane, 09-06-2022

I highly recommend this activity. We had a great time as a family. The activity itself is very exciting and interesting. My 10 year old son really loved this escape game. It was great. The tasting at the end of the game was the icing on the cake. Very enjoyable. I highly recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good family time
Written by Sandrine POUVREAU, on 12-05-2022

We did this activity as a family (children aged 10 and 14) in the park of Versailles. It was a very good moment, pleasant reception to give us the information, clear documents with varied and well stated enigmas. The children had a lot of fun! At the end we had a debriefing, the answers to the riddles and explanations about the history and the origins of this theme. Very nice and smiling speaker! Thank you for this good moment.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice day of discovery of Versailles
Written by Thierry Van santen, on 20-04-2022

Well organized, fun, and friendly

Star Star Star Star Star - Pleasant moment
Written by Virginie Morin, 20-04-2022

We did this treasure hunt with four friends. We wanted to make our friends discover a district of Versailles in a playful way. It was pleasant. However, the service for 4 at 100 euros is very expensive. At the end we got a fake diploma without any personalization, what's the use ? Of course, we tasted a macaroon. The ratio of service to price is not justified. Virginie Morin

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent experience. Our grandchildren loved it. Highly recommend it.
Written by Muriel Durand, on 15-01-2022

To be recommended+++. Everything was perfect To be done again

Star Star Star Star Star - A very good time with the family
Written by Sylvie Bretones, on 14-12-2021

Very good activity on a cool Saturday in December, with the family, with two teams of 5 people (from 8 to 75 years old). A fun opportunity to talk about history. The riddles are well laid out, and Arthur was an excellent facilitator. Thank you very much, we had a great time and would recommend!

Written by Pauline PROUVOST, on 25-11-2021

Everything was great! The facilitator was funny and knowledgeable. Everything was superbly explained and we laughed a lot with our children aged 8 to 12. Ideal to discover Versailles and a part of the history of Louis XIV

Star Star Star Star Star - Great adventure!
Written by Camille LECLERC, 18-11-2021

Very good time spent at 12 around the case of the poisons! We made 3 teams of 4 and we walked around the historical district of Versailles, looking for clues to solve the enigma! Arthur, the organizer, very pleasant, dynamic and passionate about history, launched the starting signal under the statue of Louis XIV and welcomed us at the end of the enigma with a nice tasting and detailed explanations on the history of this case with additional information for the curious post escape game. A big thank you for this great adventure! To be repeated !!!!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very pleasant outing accessible to both children and adults
Written by Elisabeth Bousigniere, on 11-11-2021

We did not have any difficulties for the reservation by Internet. Arthur explained us the principle of the game and at the end the historical debriefing. Given the season we found the last question a little long because it was getting dark.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great activity
Written by Jacqueline Suzenne Julien, 01-11-2021

Fun, cultural and interesting treasure hunt. My 12 and 9 year old daughters were fascinated by the search for clues and by all the additional information provided by Arthur at the beginning and end of the game. Personally, I discovered the old Versailles through this game and I got involved in the research. My granddaughters invested themselves in finding the suspect who wanted to kill the king and they succeeded. Arthur, professional and very nice, rewarded them at the end of the game. What happiness. Your site is very accessible and I recommend this experience to all parents or grandparents. I will book other courses for the next Christmas vacations, depending on your program. They would like to repeat this experience.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting
Written by Marie charlotte Savariau, on 08-10-2021

Culturally rich activity, Arthur is there to help you if needed at any time, I think however that the game is more suitable for children from 10/11 years. I recommend it !

Star Star Star Star Star - nice day of investigation. We were well received by Arthur, at the right RV point and at the right time. We were with our 12 year old daughter. She really enjoyed the tour and the search for clues. We were not very successful.
Written by MARTINE QUINTIN, on 07-09-2021

the organization, the framework of the game. No worries about booking. During the activity we used our jocker. We recommend this activity to all those who want to spend a good time with their family.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice!
Written by M., on 29-08-2021

Very nice experience in a remarkable site with a good balance adapted to all (contextualization, history of France, supports and enigmas, warm welcome of a passionate person). Suggestion to add on the reservation site: For families with reduced mobility, possibility to do the investigation in a "golfette vehicle" following those who are on foot.

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb !!!!!!
Written by Sofia , on 24-08-2021

Very good activity.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great family time!
Written by Stéphanie OUTREVILLE, on 04-08-2021

A great treasure hunt in the Castle Gardens. A very good time with the family where we could walk through the gardens and discover the beauty of the place. Thanks to Arthur for his welcome and his kindness. We highly recommend this activity!

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice but expensive game
Written by Mélanie LELIEVRE, on 02-08-2021

Very good afternoon spent in the streets of Versailles! Very good welcome, very nice challenges! The treasure hunt is however expensive, as it does not require any installation or equipment (walk in the streets of Versailles).

Star Star Star Star Star - An activity to be privileged when the weather is good.
Written by Véronique Combaret, on 02-08-2021

What we liked was the playful tour of the gardens. "What I regret is that I didn't win! Lucile (9 years old). We didn't have any particular difficulties. We highly recommend this activity to escape-game lovers.

Star Star Star Star Star - very interesting and instructive for children
Written by REGINE MONNERIE, on 21-07-2021

the route is not very easy but very interesting, very good organization to recommend for children and adults very good walk in the gardens while having fun too bad that the gardens are paying.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good time in Versailles
Written by justine WACHNICKI, on 20-07-2021

The game is very interesting and so is the walk through Versailles. However, the game is not suitable for children, it is better to play it with teenagers. This is the only negative point because the riddles are difficult. We found a very nice guide who is passionate about history, which is a plus ????

Star Star Star Star Star - Great afternoon in the park of the Palace of Versailles!!!
Written by FREDERIQUE MINICUCI, on 25-06-2021

We played this game with our family and it was a success! Very accessible, especially for children, it allows to spend a good time with the family! A little difficulty for the drunken silence but thanks to the joker, we found the culprit! Thanks a lot to Arthur for his explanations and his kindness? and for the surprise

Star Star Star Star Star - 2 hours of a very good time
Written by stephanie DESJARDINS, on 30-05-2021

it was very interesting to do in Versailles rather than in the castle because we discovered unknown places. some clues were really difficult to find the last number. it's a very nice experience that I recommend.

Star Star Star Star Star - A rather successful outdoor escape game
Written by Odile Rombaut, on 28-05-2021

Already recommended to friends The meeting place to be simply at the foot of the statue of Louis XIV on the place d'armes Bravo for the well done documents and the envelope with the perfect seal The friendly and available animator The price is right for 2 hours The clues are not always easy but that's the point of the game We did 11 kms for me no problem, my little girl finds that an electric scooter would have been a plus ???????????? Good idea to finish in the courtyard of scents Funny idea of the macaroons Thank you for sending the reading information and ... Overall satisfied (fortunately no rain and not too windy)

Star Star Star Star Star - Too expensive
Written by ', on 18-05-2021

Very fun but too expensive for the activity because you use existing monuments, without real decor. We were with 12 year old children who liked it a lot, but the explanations must be simple and at their level to captivate them. Very nice guide.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great family experience!
Written by Johanna Degat , on 15-05-2021

A great family experience where all the brains are put to good use ???? nice walk in Versailles that allows us to discover the city in search of clues that will allow us to solve the legible of this life-size escape games! All the senses are used until the olfactory and gustatory challenge! Perfectly orchestrated thanks to the Master of the Game who succeeds in setting up a breathtaking suspense of two hours. To be recommended ++++

treasure hunt in Versailles
Versailles, its castle, its kings, its guided tours

1 How

Very nice activity of treasure hunt allowing to discover a good part of the old Versailles while being immersed in an investigation drawn from historical events
Very nice walk and a well-designed trail game
To do!!!

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