What to do in Paris with teenagers or pre-teens?

Exhibitions, shows, guided tours, leisure activities with a young person from 12 years old

Evening in Paris with a teenager

Visit Paris with a young person and have fun

Stroll for teenagers in Paris, playful or sportive

Outings in Paris with teenagers

Rainy day activities with a youth

Ideas for a teenager's birthday party

What to do around Paris with the + 12 years old ?

For tourists or provincials

If you come from the province with teenagers for a few days, go and get some ideas from our tours with young people between 12 and 18 years old to visit Paris in 2 days, 3 days or 5 days. Visit the Eiffel Tower remains the must-see exit when you come to Paris. Just like discover Montmartre. If you've been there before and done the must-dos, Covered passageways are to be discovered and shown to young people.

Family activities

Among the family activities with a teenager especially if it is sporty, the guided electric scooter rides or in Hoverboard are a hit.

For fans of puzzle games, the Outdoor Escape Games allow them to discover a district of Paris like Montmartre, the Marais or the Butte aux Cailles, in a playful way. They appeal to parents as well as to their children.

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