What to do in Paris with teenagers or pre-teens?

Exhibitions, shows, guided tours, leisure activities with a young person from 12 years old

6 shots of ? in good weather with a teenager

  1. Investigation game ?2 hours to discover the secret of the French Treasury? (from 14 years old)
  2. Investigation game The last secret of Arsène Lupin?
  3. The Escape Game The Mysteries of Montmartre?
  4. With a sporty teenager, a Hoverboard ride in Paris
  5. Rent an electric scooter to walk around Paris (-20% discount)
  6. ANNIVERSARY - Crime in Père-Lachaise? (11-14 years old)

Upcoming museum visits for teens

News: current and upcoming events with teens

Circus machine

Circus machine

A breathtaking show. From 6 years old

Reduced rates

The Oval Room of the National Library

The oval room of the National Library

Extraordinary reading room at the BNF Richelieu - FREE. Ideal from 7 years old

Free for all

Science Experiments

Science Experiments

An immersive journey around the sciences. At Bercy Village (12th)

Halloween party at Teens Party

Halloween Party at Teens Party

Halloween special in nightclub . 20% discount with the code FAMIPARIS

"In Sneakers with Paulette"

"In sneakers with Paulette"

A run/walk in pairs. For everyone

Industrial Evolutions

Industrial Developments

An exhibition for teenagers on the evolution and consequences of industrialization.

At the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (Paris 19ème)

Oskar Kokoschka, a fawn in Vienna

Oskar Kokoschka, a fawn in Vienna

1st big retrospective in Paris, to see with teenagers.

At the Museum of Modern Art (Paris 16ème)

Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch

An exhibition event, to be seen with teenagers.

At the Musée d'Orsay (Paris 7ème)

The "Shiny Gold" immersive exhibit (free)

The immersive exhibition "Shiny Gold" (free)

An immersive exhibition to do with the family.

At the Gaité Lyrique (Paris 3rd)

Outdoor Shows - Summer 2022

Outdoor Shows - Summer 2022

Theater, big shows, sound and light shows in the open air this season.

"My first time at the Opera"

"My first time at the Opera

A great way to discover dance or opera. From 8 years old

Visit Paris with a young person and have fun

Stroll for teenagers in Paris, playful or sportive

Outings in Paris with teenagers

Rainy day activities with a youth

Where to celebrate a teenager's birthday?

What to do around Paris with the + 12 years old ?

Visiting Paris with a teenager: our sightseeing tours

5+ days in Paris with teens

5 days and more in Paris with teenagers

5 days in Paris with 12 years old and more.

3 days to visit Paris with teens

3 days to visit Paris with teenagers

3 days in Paris with 12 years old and more.

2 days to visit Paris with teens

2 days to visit Paris with teenagers

2 days in Paris with 12 years old and more.

For tourists or provincials

If you come from the province with teenagers for a few days, go and get some ideas from our tours with young people between 12 and 18 years old to visit Paris in 2 days, 3 days or 5 days. Visit the Eiffel Tower remains the must-see exit when you come to Paris. Just like discover Montmartre. If you've been there before and done the must-dos, Covered passageways are to be discovered and shown to young people.

Family activities

Among the family activities with a teenager especially if it is sporty, the guided electric scooter rides or in Hoverboard are a hit.

For fans of puzzle games, the Outdoor Escape Games allow them to discover a district of Paris like Montmartre, the Marais or the Butte aux Cailles, in a playful way. They appeal to parents as well as to their children.

The news in Paris as a family

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