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With the family (from 12 years old), with friends, with adults...
escape game in the Latin Quarter

All about the Escape Game of Latin Quarter

12 years and over

  • The game will take place between Saint-Germain-des-prés and the Ile-de-la Cité
  • The objective is to solve all the riddles along the route within a given time
  • Each step is a challenge that you will have to face: find the passwords to advance and join the guide
  • You will have to use your personal knowledge, be observant and know how to orient yourself
  • On the course, you will discover Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, the Arena of Lutetia or the Thermal Baths of Cluny. And each step solved will allow you to discover a small part of this district, its history, its mysteries...
  • You have a map, a tablet and a book, your cell phone to be reached by your guide if necessary

ATTENTION: in French only

Notice to the little cheaters: your laptop will not be of any use to you to solve the riddles (too easy). You won't find the answers to the riddles, they are much too subtle for Google ...

Tarifs and information

-10% with code FAMILINPROMO

  • 72€ instead of 80 € for a group of 2 to 6 people (regardless of the number of participants)
  • Duration of the Escape Game 1h30 (including 15mn presentation)
  • Language: French
  • Distance travelled : about 2km
  • Meeting place : metro Saint Michel
  • 4 routes proposed in the neighborhood
  • For adults and teenagers from 12 years old


  • It's a fun outing, like all Escape Games, with the added bonus of a cultural dimension. This game develops the sense of orientation and observation
  • We keep teens away from their screens!
  • We discover this historical and charming district while having fun and getting some fresh air
  • A formula of Escape Game ideal for claustrophobic and for all those who dread to stay locked between 4 walls for 1h


  • Can we cancel the Escape Game if we have an impediment? You will find the cancellation conditions on the website of our partner (at the time of booking)
  • Can teens do it alone? No, the presence of one adult per group is mandatory if the other participants are minors
  • And if it's raining? Ponchos are available to participants

Birthdays, privatization, EVJF, EVG, rallies, schools

  • For the birthday of your If you are a teenager or a member of your family, you book this Escape Game (you can form several teams of 6 players max.). If the youngsters are minors, the presence of an adult per team is necessary
  • To privatize this Escape Gamefor an EVJF, an EVG, a Rally
  • For schools (middle and high school level), leisure centers, associations, IT'S HERE
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - In the heart of the Latin Quarter
Written by Grege, 24-07-2023

My nephews and nieces were visiting Paris. I opted for this escape game as a fun way to discover a district of Paris and learn while having fun. They loved it. I loved it too. I also discovered places I'd never been before. We had a great time and had a lot of fun. I recommend it, it's a change from the ordinary and teaches us to see further than the end of our noses and to walk with our eyes riveted to the sky, just to remind us how beautiful Parisian architecture is ???? Thank you.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun and informative
Written by Lucile, 30-06-2023

We did this escape game with my children, aged 12 and 14, and the guide who welcomed us was very friendly. The course was a little difficult, but the kids loved it, and the guide was available to help us if we needed it. A great time for the whole family!

Star Star Star Star Star - Latin Quarter
Written by Longeot, 24-06-2023

A great way for kids to discover Paris in a fun way. Perfect for a birthday party

Star Star Star Star Star - Mystery of the Latin Quarter
Written by Emmanuel Houée , 23-05-2023

Made with 2 young teenagers. Friendly riddle, organizer quick to respond when needed. Good experience.

Star Star Star Star Star - A little expensive for the activities on offer
Written by Alexis, on 20-05-2023

We had a great afternoon, and this treasure hunt to discover street art in Paris was pleasant and rather well done. However, I'm still a little surprised at the price, which is partly justified by the presence of one person all afternoon and the loan of the tablets. However, I don't think it's exploited to the full, the puzzles aren't really difficult and the interaction with the tablet is anecdotal and could be done differently (web page for example). Because of the price, I wouldn't really recommend it to others, without, of course, advising against it.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great time in the Latin Quarter
Written by COULLON JEAN PAUL, on 11-04-2023

Escape game for 3, as a family with our 9 year old granddaughter, who was totally taken in by the questions, riddles and passwords... with an increasingly keen sense of observation... although progress was made in a small area of the Latin Quarter, in keeping with the duration of the game (1 1/2 hours) .... We'll do it again ... with the family!

Star Star Star Star Star - Discover the Latin Quarter
Written by Vinciane, 08-04-2023

Great welcome from the hostess. My 13-year-old godchildren loved discovering this Parisian neighborhood in a fun way!

Star Star Star Star Star - Latin Quarter
Written by claire BONNAUD, on 22-03-2023

Second urban experience for us after the marsh. I love your concept, and the young people with us really enjoyed it. One small drawback compared with the Marais, where we did a loop, and the Latin Quarter, where we made a few "round trips" between the various points. That won't stop us from discovering Montmartre soon. Many thanks to you all

Star Star Star Star Star - Escape Latin Quarter
Written by jacqueline CERNY, 04-11-2022

Excellent welcome for this escape.a very good time but time a little short even when we know the neighborhood but we discovered secret places... Thanks for repeating in another area next vacation.

Star Star Star Star Star - Escape game Quartier Latin
Written by Valérie , on 03-11-2022

Super escape game, a new way to discover the Latin Quarter. Clear explanations from the guide at the start. Medium difficulty. I recommend, but be careful to look at the details!

Star Star Star Star Star - Rediscovering the neighborhood
Written by Léa Cotelle, 28-10-2022

There were 5 of us for this game, with 3 children aged 12, 15 and 16, and the whole family got involved in finding the clues. We thought we knew the neighborhood well, but we discovered lots of details we'd never seen before. Thanks to our guide for his help and patience!

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