Tested and approved by children (and parents)
children's and teenagers' birthday party in Paris

Every year, it is the same headache: find a nice, original or playful idea to organize your child's birthday. These birthday packages for children have seduced us. The animators with whom we work and who have our full confidence do a great job with the children. Parents and children are delighted! We have chosen to offer a limited number of birthday parties because we prefer quality to quantity! Most of these birthday packages take place in Paris. But the offer is progressively extending to the suburbs also. This is the case of theHoverboard birthday party at home and outdoor escapes in Versailles (78) or in Nanterre (92) with the Magic Portal for the youngest and Operation GreenFinger for teens.

Indoor for 3/12 years old

Outside for the 3/12 years old

For people over 12 years old



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