In French and in English
In Parisian museums or outdoors
For one or more families, between friends, seniors, TeamBuilding...

Organize a one or two family outing. 1) The budget per family will be a little lighter 2) Your children will be delighted to go on this outing with friends and the adults will be happy to meet up for a stroll in Paris. Most of these visits last 1h30 and are animated by conference guides. The privatization (a guide just for you) makes the visit more interactive. It allows more exchanges with the guide.

Private outdoor tours

The private visits around the Street Art...

Private tours with a toddler...

Private visits in a Parisian garden...

Private visits on the theme of history... but not only!

Private visits to museums (under cover)

Language: visits in French, English, Italian

Private visits to the Louvre...

  • My mini Louvre (3-6 years)
  • The masterpieces of the Louvre explained to children (from 7 years old)
  • Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs at the Louvre (from 6/7 years)
  •  Monsters and heroes of Mythology at the Louvre (6/10 years)
  • The Louvre Palace (from 7 years old)
  • The masterpieces of the Louvre explained to teenagers (from 13 years old)
  • The great masters of the Renaissance at the Louvre (from 13 years old)

Private visits with a toddler...

Private visit in a museum with a teenager (from 13 years old)...

Exhibitions in Paris at the moment

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