Good deals in Paris and Ile de France

Free or cheap outings and activities!

Free activities and outings in Paris

What to do this weekend for free ? Free museums in Paris, free outings at the moment, good deals in Paris, free for young people... What to visit in Paris for free? Example of free things to do in Paris : the Curie Museum, the farm of Paris (75012), the Petit Palais (excluding temporary exhibitions), the museum of the Police Headquarters

For an adult price under 10€.

Cheap outing in Paris, activity in Paris at very low price, entrance ticket at less than 10 euros (adult rate)... Example of thing to do in Paris at very low price: the visit of the Vincennes castle or Champs-sur-Marne, Rex Studioss, the shows of Guignol

Like many big cities and capitals, Paris is an expensive city. And the bill can quickly rise whenon family trip with 2, 3 or 4 children. We have selected Cheap outings and free activities for less than 10€. (the adult ticket),  under 15€ (the adult ticket) or under 20€ (the adult ticket) nice with children or teenagers or for young audiences.