In Paris and Versailles
For all ages 6 and up

We love these tours, which allow you to discover the most beautiful parks and gardens in Paris. They're ideal for families because...

  1. No or very few cars during visits
  2. Away from the hustle and bustle and noise of Paris
  3. They are very safe with young children
  4. These parks and gardens are part of Paris' cultural heritage. They are an enchantment in all seasons
Vexin Park

Private visits to a park or garden

duration : 1h30

  1. The visit of Buttes Chaumont parkone of Paris's most famous Haussmann gardens
  2. A bucolic tour to discover the secrets in the Jardin des Plantes
  3. Between works of art and a place of remembrance, the visit in the Luxembourg Gardensone of the most beautiful in Europe
  4. Private tour of the cemetery Père Lachaiseand the hidden secrets of its illustrious occupants

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