The magic shows

The must-see magic shows at the moment

Adults and children have always been fascinated by magic and illusion. Many magicians and illusionistslike Eric Antoine perform on stage in Paris and offer young audience shows Magic tricks, optical illusions, transformations of all kinds, disappearing rabbits or levitation acts. Mentalist shows are very popular. Some shows are participatory and allow children to become apprentice magicians, as in Double bottom or to The Magic Den for example. And to learn all about the history of magic, you can visit with your family the museum of magic.

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Max and the great magician

A very participative magic show. For the 4-11 years old

From 7?

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The Magic Hat

Magic at a child's level. For 3 to 10 years old

Reduced rate: up to -63%

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My birthday at the Museum of Magic

At the Museum of Magic (in the 4th). From 6 years old

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Magic workshop at the Museum of Magic (Easter vacations)

From April 23 to May 8, 2022. For the 6/12 years old

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The Museum of Magic - Museum of Automata

A very original museum. For families from 6 years old

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Visit Show "The magic of the Marais

# -20% reduction

Playful visit with actors. From 7 years old

Free for children under 8

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A magic show at home with Magic Elites

The magician at home for your child's birthday. For all ages

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