Sightseeing tours according to the age of the children for a weekend

Our tours have been designed for a two-day visit of Paris, to enjoy Paris with your family and to see the essential: Eiffel Tower, a cruise on the Seine, the Champs-Elysées and all must-see places to visit in Paris . In these pages dedicated to Parisian itineraries, we try to answer the question: how to visit Paris in two days with children or teenagers?

If you come to Paris for the first time in two days, we naturally recommend the great classics. Nothing very original, but absolutely unmissable! The Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées, the Louvre, the Marais and Montmartre. Whatever the age of your children, you will love it.

For those who are lucky enough to come back and want to see more, you can pick from our routes 3 days to visit Paris and 5 days to visit Paris other ideas for routes to take with your children.

And to discover Paris in a different way, look at our "unusual visits of Paris in family".. If possible, we advise you the visit with a professional photographer. It's fun (you are the stars and Paris is the setting) and you immortalize your Parisian stay thanks to the 200 souvenir shots taken during the walk.

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