1h30, 2h or 3h of private navigation on the Seine or on the Marne river
As a couple, as a family, with friends, in a group ...
Choose your boat and let us take you on board!
Sail on the Seine, the Marne or the Canal Saint Martin

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We love cruising on a private boat ♥

  • It is an original and unusual outing aboard magnificent boats
  • Renting a boat in Paris, it's like a holiday!
  • The boats are beautiful; it's a cruise on the Seine so chic!
  • Paris from the Seine is so beautiful...
  • All excuses are good!  Stroll with family or friends, birthday to celebrate, desire for a floating aperitif ...
  • It is very playful with children


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All the formulas for renting a boat in Paris :

  • Boats of different sizes for 2, 4, 12, 50, 80, 150 people ...
  • You have a wide range of choices: from the size to the style of the boat.
  • Choose the elegance of the Riva (as in Venice!) or the comfort of the pleasure pontoon boat or the barge for larger groups.


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The cruises: 4 different routes

The classic: the cruise on the Seine

  • Cruise of your choice from 1h30 to 3 hours
  • The route, the time and the unfolding is organized at your convenience.
  • Departure from Paris, direction the end of Swan Island with a view of the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, up to the François Mitterrand Library. Return to the mooring point
  • During the cruise, you will discover the Conciergerie, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the National Assembly, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, not forgetting the superb bridges that cross the Seine...
  • Boarding's in Paris. Different places of departure depending on the boat and the chosen formula
  • Prices: prices vary according to the weather and the boat chosen :
    • The 1st price is 65 euros per person for a 1h30 cruise (minimum charge for 6 people).
    • 2h : 75 euros per person (minimum charge for 6 people)


The bucolic: the cruise on the Marne River

  • It's a coriginal and exotic river
  • This bucolic cruise on the Marne will leave you with exceptional memories.
  • You discover the beauty of the peaceful banks of the Marne, the atmosphere of the guinguettes and the landscapes of the impressionists
  • Cruise of your choice of 1h or 2h - Departure from the marina of Nogent sur Marne (94)
  • 1 hour cruise:
    • Departure from the port of Nogent sur Marne, tour of the Iles d'Amour et des Loups, half-tour at La Maltournée, return to the port.
    • Rate: 35€/person (minimum billing: 6 people)
  • 2-hour cruise:
    • Departure from the port of Nogent sur Marne, tour of the Iles d'Amour et des Loups, half-tour at La Maltournée, tour of Fanac Island, return to the port.
    • Rate: 55€/person (minimum billing: 6 people)


The romantic: the cruise on the canal Saint-Martin

  • You navigate in the heart of Paris on different canals, away from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • You discover the charm of the Saint Martin canal
  • During this cruise, you will cross Lift bridges, locks and cross mysterious roads to discover romantic footbridges ...
  • Departure from the Bastille and arrival at the Parc de la Villette.


The unusual: the cruise around the Ile Saint-Germain

  • Cruising to discover an unusual Paris and to sail at high speed
  • After passing in front of Eiffel Towers, heading west to Paris and theIle Saint-Germain
  • Just before arriving on St. Germain Island, you navigate the speed pool of the Seine. It's a unique opportunity to sail at high speed.
  • Then, arrival on the island Saint-Germain and its floating village. An unusual place near Paris, cut off from the world.


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