Hunt for Space Invaders and Street Art!
unusual private visit in the Marais
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The guided tour "When Street Art tells the story of the Marais

For all audiences, adults and youth

The Marais district is one of the most beautiful districts of Paris, rich in history and heritage.

  • The objective of the guided tour is to tell the story of the Marais supported by the works of Street Art and Space Invaders
  • These works are a pretext to tell the history of France and its kings (such as Philippe-Auguste, Charles VI, Henri II or Louis XIV), the history of the Marais and its emblematic monuments
  • An interactive tour, a real space invader hunt and Street Artideal with children (from 8 years old) and pre-teens or teens.
  • The guide speaker will provide you with maps (in game card or business card format) with riddles and clues that you'll have to solve to move forward on the course
  • A visit rich in anecdote and history ideal for families, fun and participatory. A great way to capture the attention of children and teens

Tarifs and information

-10% with code FAMILINPROMO

  • Adult rate : 17,10€ instead of 19 €
  • Child rate (-12 years old) : 8,55€ instead of 9,50 €
  • the discount is applied at the time of booking
  • Free for children under 4

  • duration : 1h30 for a course of about 2km (on foot) 
  • Age for the whole family, from 8 years old
  • Meeting place : Saint-Paul metro
  • course : rue Vieille du Temple, place des Vosges, rue des Rosiers and others.
  • 20 to 25 participants per visit and per tour guide
  • In French

Birthdays, privatization, EVGJ, EVG, rallies, schools

  • For the birthday of your ado, you can book this guided tour (the presence of an adult is required if it is a group of minors), IT'S HERE
  • For a privatization, EVGF, EVG, Rally, IT'S HERE
  • For schools (primary, secondary, high school), leisure centers, associations, QUOTE REQUEST
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Great afternoon with my 8-year-old son
Written by Seigle, on 13-10-2023

Fun and educational, this tour is the perfect combination for learning and discovering while having fun. Our guide Bérangère was top notch. I can't wait for the next one.

Star Star Star Star Star - C'etait Trop bien!
Written by julie, 24-08-2023

We took the Marais street art tour as a family, with two children aged 5 and 9. A captivating stroll for young and old! Bravo and thank you! We no longer look at street corners in the same way. The invader hunt was a fun way to continue our 4-day visit to Paris. Absolutely recommended!

Star Star Star Star Star - STREET ART IN THE MARSH
Written by VALERIE, 23-08-2023

Interesting visit. Disappointing though, as I was expecting to see frescoes, large-scale street art walls and their meanings and explanations, but in the end we went hunting for INVADER mosaics (tiny ones) almost exclusively. Discover the Marais (a very pleasant district) with its history through the centuries, and its listed shop windows. Not a good idea if you're expecting large-scale frescoes, but you'd be better off visiting Belleville.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great visit!
Written by Famille Bourgeois, 15-07-2023

Our guide was passionate, and bridged the gap between history and urban culture in a welcome way. The kids were captivated, and we too enjoyed discovering the big and small signs. Since then, our son has been scouring the street corners for other traces!

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent experience!
Written by Alex, 26-04-2023

Passionate and fascinating guide. The 3 of us, my husband and our 12-year-old daughter were there for an hour and a half! In addition to what we learned about street art in the heart of the Marais, our guide showed us some unusual places we'd never have suspected. We're definitely booking a street art tour of the 13th arrondissement with urban experience for our next visit to Paris! Well done and thank you!

Star Star Star Star Star - Discovery tour
Written by Carole P, on 19-04-2023

also very good for young people, discovering private mansions, gardens in the Marais and, of course, street art.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great visit!
Written by Claire Ombrouck , 12-04-2023

A very well-chosen route through the marshes. The guide alternated between historical references and those related to street art, in a very educational and enjoyable way. He explained very well why he was showing us a particular site, while giving us plenty of information to help us find out for ourselves. The group size was optimal. A very successful first visit! Thank you very much.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great visit!
Written by Clémence TL, on 22-03-2023

My 7 year old son has recently developed a passion for street art, particularly the work of invader, and this guided tour was just what we were looking for, as well as teaching us about the history of this district, we loved it! thanks to the guide!

Star Star Star Star Star - A nice discovery
Written by GENEVIEVE MATTEZ, 14-03-2023

I really enjoyed this small-scale event. I discovered the Marais district in a different way. I now know a bit more about it, and can better understand street art. The guide, who is passionate about history, knows her subject superbly well and makes the visit dynamic. I'd definitely recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - thank you for this moment
Written by clement, 22-02-2023

a very instructive visit that taught us to look up and discover the decorations put up by the street art artists, as well as the history of the marsh. The guide was erudite about both the artists and the history of France, yet accessible to the youngest among us.

Star Star Star Star Star - We had a great time 🙂
Written by BERTHET FREDERIC, 16-02-2023

A piece of our French history told by a great guide with a few recognized street art artists as a common thread ( don't expect to see monumental frescoes). The family had a great time 🙂

Star Star Star Star Star - A great time!
Written by Florence Tournellec, 18-12-2022

Couple with 12 year old. We had a great time. Everything was very interesting, from the history of the marsh to the street art! Don't hesitate!

Star Star Star Star Star - visit .......
Written by Chante hélène, 11-12-2022

I was quite disappointed with this tour, which was presented as fun for pre-teens. Frankly, we left out some of the most beautiful places in the marsh, and there weren't really any playful moments, other than hooking the kids up to a ..... phone - not what I was expecting from a playful visit! A visit more focused on street art than history. The guide was nice and interesting for us, but disappointing for the girls aged 12 and 11.

Star Star Star Star Star - What a great ride!
Written by Dupont , 06-11-2022

A very interesting, fun and captivating walk. My 8-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter loved this tour of the neighborhood, punctuated by street art, anecdotes and historical contributions. A big bravo to the guide. We'll be back for more!

Star Star Star Star Star - Different and super interesting
Written by M Ferreira, 06-11-2022

Great offbeat tour of the marsh, which I'm now seeing in a different light. Thanks to our guide, who knew how to adapt his talk to interest the youngest visitors (7 and 12 years old). I can't recommend it enough!

Star Star Star Star Star - VERY PLEASANT VISIT
Written by CELINE, 06-11-2022

Pleasant visit with our guide. Interesting information and a neighborhood full of surprises.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great family visit
Written by Johane, 06-11-2022

A tour that combines classic history and street art for the whole family. Highly recommended.

Star Star Star Star Star - Street art tour of the Marais district
Written by Pauty, 27-10-2022

Perfect, great! The guide was very interesting and attentive (Elodie) Would do again We would be very interested in doing tours with her again! How can we do it? Thanks a lot! Karin Pauty

Star Star Star Star Star - when Street Art tells the story of the Marais
Written by Sylvaine RENAULT, 27-10-2022

Excellent visit thanks to an excellent guide who was able to interest a grandmother accompanying grandchildren (aged 10 and 13) who were captivated by all the explanations. Very knowledgeable and attentive to her group. Well done! We'll be back next vacation.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great ride with big kids!
Written by Julie Charleux, 27-10-2022

Very pleasant guided tour with a guide who knows her subject and knows how to hold the attention of children and adults alike. Highly recommended!

Star Star Star Star Star - A pleasant visit to the Marais
Written by Agnès AUBRY, on 27-09-2022

With a guide well-versed in history, heritage and art, this tour gives us a good idea of the neighborhood's past and present.

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Exciting visit. A very attentive guide that involves the children and provides lots of information about the artists and the neighborhood. Elena and I loved it. Thank you so much for the tour.

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