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Family favourites

  1. AN ESCAPE-GAME FOR CHILDREN : "The mysteries of Montmartre"
  2. A TEENAGE ESCAPE-GAME : "The Secrets of the Marsh"
  3. AN UNUSUAL VISIT : "When Street Art tells the story of the Marais" 
  4. A VISIT TO THE LOUVRE : "The masterpieces of the Louvre explained to children"
  5. A TREASURE HUNT : "Mythology in the Tuileries" (from 6/7 years old)
  6. A VISIT SHOW : the guided tour "Un amour d'Opéra

Fun and cultural outdoor Escape games (Top sellers)

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Guided tours in the streets of Paris

With the youngest

Family visits to parks and gardens

street art at the Butte aux Cailles

For fans of history

the louvre pyramid

Guided tours scheduled in the museums

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Discover a neighborhood from Paris, deepen his knowledge of paintingin History or Mythology in Museums, become an expert from Street Art or the French Revolution, unravel the mysteries of Paris are the objectives of each family visit. They are animated by of the guide speakers or by professional tourist guides. They are intended for all audiences, toddler (from 3 years old), to children (from 6 years old), to pre-teens and teens accompanied by their parents or grandparentsThey are fun, amusing, exciting... And have the same objective, have a nice time with the kids all by cultivating oneself in joy and good humor. They are a great moment of sharing and discovery with the family for a weekend outing or during school holidays.

child's route in Paris Milirue

Milirue, the fun and educational exploration notebooks

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