The wonderful world of illusionists from the 18th century to the present day
Free for children under 3 years

Did you know that France is the country in the world with the richest history of prestidigitation! The museum of magic, created in 1993 is a unusual museum and exceptional which presents a unique collection in the world around the world of magic. A fun visit in the world of illusion and dreams. Magic show with real magicians every half hour.

A very nice museum for families

  • This museum shows us that magic is a true art in its own right
  • A unique collection in the world is presented in the museum of magic: automatons, great illusions like optical illusions or magic objects...
  • About a hundred automatons (some of which are rare and old pieces) are also exposed
  • Permanent shows illusionism throughout the visit and presented by real magicians
  • Do not miss fake objects and secret objects (kids will love it).
  • An interactive and playful museum with small characters activated by pressing buttons

Rates and practical information

  • Rate: 11€ for children (3 to 12 years old) and 15€ for adults
  • The automaton museum is free for children under 3 years old
  • Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm all year round.
  • Open every day during Zone C school vacations - 2 to 7 p.m.
  • Open every day except December 25 and January 1

Children's workshops at the Museum of Magic ♡♡♡

  • Who is it for? : 6-10 years old or for 8-14 years old
  • duration 2h30 or 3h
  • When During school vacations in zone C
  • A course in magic adapted to the age of the children (duration 1 hour)
  • A magical gift for each participant: a magic trick that they will learn to do during the course
  • A guided visit of Museum of Magic and the Museum of Automata (duration 1 hour)
  • Parents who wish to participate in the visit of the museum, must take their ticket for the museum of magic
  • A show of prestidigitation (duration 25 minutes)

Birthdays at the Museum of Magic (from 6 years old)

  • The Museum of Magic birthday package includes: a visit to the museum, a magic show and a small gift for each child (a little trick learned during the birthday party)
  • A room made available to parents and children for tea (brought by parents)
  • Inquiry to: +33 (0) 1 42 72 13 26 (it is advisable to do it in advance)

  • Rate : 25 € per child (minimum of 10 children)
  • Age : from 6 years old
  • When : Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday except during the small school holidays
  • The snack is paid by the parents
  • Information request to: +33 (0) 1 42 72 13 26
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Great visit
Written by Raymonde Levacher, 14-05-2023

Everything was great My granddaughter and I really enjoyed the tour My reservation was very simple The only observation is that you should have some seats when explaining the busts

Written by SOPHIE CAUMEAU, on 09-05-2023

Everything went well. The magician is great and the hostess is very interesting.

Star Star Star Star Star - Small museum
Written by Christine kroos, 06-05-2023

We liked the show. The explanations of some tricks. Small museum visit 1h to 1h30. Price a little too expensive!

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice, my little children of 6 and 4 years old had a great time
Written by PATRICIA LE BARCH, on 03-05-2023

given the surface, it would be necessary to regulate the entries no problem for the reservation obviously I have already recommended this activity to my friends

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Pauline Chabauty, on 30-04-2023

Very good activity to do with your children (5,10 years). The museum is very small but we are very well received and the team transmits its passion very well. It mixes culture and entertainment. I recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent afternoon at the museums of magic and automata
Written by Alain Millot, on 30-04-2023

Very nice experience for the older and the younger ones who like the automatons a lot. The magicians are amazing. To be recommended. Better to come early for more tranquility

Star Star Star Star Star - a small museum well supplied which would deserve that the automatons all work. A lot of things to test for the happiness of young and old. The workshop for children is a success.
Written by Clotilde, on 27-04-2023

a small museum well supplied which would deserve that the automatons all work. Many things to try for the happiness of young and old. The workshop for children is a success and the show is a good idea.

Star Star Star Star Star - Not interactive enough for children over 8 years old. Children under 8 years old like the magician's tricks.
Written by Dominique PESANT, on 23-04-2023

No difficulties to reserve. Nice reception at the cash desk. A bit old fashioned and not dynamic enough

Star Star Star Star Star - Good experience
Written by Marie, 15-04-2023

Nice experience, lots of showcases and things to read/see/experience. We finished by flying over. Very good reception by all the actors of the museum. The children had a good time, especially liked the magic show, adults too. The museum is located in the basement, under beautiful arcades; a good address for hot days 😉

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice experience
Written by Monsieur , on 12-04-2023

Museum and small magic show. It was very good and the staff very nice

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice family activity, interesting and fun
Written by Pascal Lambotin, on 31-03-2023

The exhibition is interesting The children can be solicited The half-hour magic show is excellent

Star Star Star Star Star - Great museum to do with the family!
Written by anonymous, on 08-03-2023

Museum that appeals to young and old, fun - magician, storyteller and staff very nice!

Star Star Star Star Star - Surprising
Written by christian DUPEYRAT, on 06-03-2023

Pleasant visit to discover automatons from another time. Other more recent mechanisms are to be discovered. The magic show is really good, Bravo the artist! This part of the visit of the magic is interesting too. The staff is very friendly.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good experience
Written by annie cazejust, on 28-02-2023

Interesting and instructive visit. Nice magic show. The automatons are sometimes a little dusty, it's a pity. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I recommend this visit to adults and especially to children.

Star Star Star Star Star - it's good
Written by Philippe FLE, on 28-02-2023

It would be necessary to have a guided tour. The explanations are interesting but for the teenagers it's very difficult for them. thank you it is worth it

Star Star Star Star Star - Great activity
Written by Fouad , on 18-02-2023

The museum is very nice to visit and very well located in Paris. It's a great idea for an outing with the kids! I highly recommend it !

Star Star Star Star Star - Does not recommend
Written by Gentiane ROBLIQUE, on 13-02-2023

It was cold. The museum looks old. Lacks modernity. And it is small of

Star Star Star Star Star - super fun
Written by Florent DUCROIZET, on 12-02-2023

great family time with magic tricks and history. simple and accessible staff, place of reasonable size: we had a couple hours of pure fun and the kids loved it

Star Star Star Star Star - Slot Machine Museum
Written by Françoise DESFONTAINES, on 11-02-2023

I went to this museum with 4 of my grandchildren, ages 5 to 10. They really enjoyed it. The show is perfect and the sequence The show is perfect and the sequence "history of magic" told by the magician himself is funny. What I regret is that children of this age are not interested in all the static gadgets and explanations in the showcases, so we quickly went around the museum. Except to operate all the machines that offer various small shows and for which you have to pay and pay again!

Star Star Star Star Star - It is a place to see and the staff is very nice
Written by Elisabeth FERRERES, on 24-01-2023

We appreciated the place, the visit and the small show

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good afternoon
Written by KristinA, on 19-01-2023

We highly recommend the Museum of Magic. Good reception, good animation and a superb cabinet of curiosities

Star Star Star Star Star - Good for the show
Written by sylvie dubois, on 13-01-2023

The show is very good. You are close to the magician who makes you participate in his tricks. On the other hand, the rest is badly maintained and dusty. More explanations are needed on the magic side as well as on the automaton museum side. We don't know when they date from, where they were installed etc.. The explanations of the guide on the history of magic do not bring much.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good family time
Written by Laëtitia, on 08-01-2023

Very nice family time Speakers close to their audience Precious and very instructive objects My 12 year old daughter enjoyed it The 4 year old was a little young I think Magic tricks show appreciated by all! We will come back

Star Star Star Star Star - Very disappointed
Written by Alicia Aidan on 06-01-2023

I went with my 4.5 year old daughter who didn't understand anything the guides explained to us about magic. It wasn't very lively and even I fell asleep. Nothing magical when you arrive in this old museum, expensive treasure for what it is! Even the magic show the children did not understand anything the magician was explaining to them. Nothing exceptional.

Star Star Star Star Star - my 3 princesses were happy mgicien and extraordinary storyteller. A lot of attractions, not all of them well noted and the showcases on the great magicians a little too important. Difficult to find your way around, to know what you have already seen 3 times and others.
Written by Odette GUENAULT, on 03-01-2023

Do I have to repeat what I wrote to you above? Come on, I'm repeating everything... Why ask us our opinion above? My 3 princesses were happy. Magician and storyteller, she was excellent. Experiences not all well noted... The tour was a bit complex. We went through the same room 2 or 3 times, quickly going through another one. The showcases dedicated to the great magicians are too large. I would recommend this museum for children up to 12 years old

Star Star Star Star Star - 50-50
Written by Jessy L., on 01-01-2023

I loved to see the evolution of the automatons. Small downside: no maintenance or servicing on the automatons. Only 2 out of 3 were working properly. On the magic side, it was very interesting and I learned a lot. My nephews were very happy during the visit too. Especially the part of the magician who did some demonstrations.

Star Star Star Star Star - A good discovery
Written by Agnes Ribeiro, on 30-12-2022

A nice activity for children, very successful and interactive show.

Star Star Star Star Star - Favourite
Written by Jean-Paul DAVID, on 27-12-2022

This is a show that deserves a perfect score. The script, the sets, the costumes, the actors, their performance, everything was excellent. My 8 year old daughter loved it. As for me, I went back to childhood. 20/20.

Star Star Star Star Star - A
Written by Roland Durin, on 15-12-2022

Very good time for our little children of 10 and 11 years old ..., and also for us grandparents. We bought the prestidigitation packs in the store: our grandchildren loved them and were able to show tricks to their parents that very evening!

Star Star Star Star Star - Charming activity
Written by Alexandre Hanafy, on 24-11-2022

Nice welcome, show and fun explanations this place is great for a small family outing

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Codruta Topala , on 15-11-2022

Very well

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting visit, but the museum is not well maintained despite the high entrance fee.
Written by Guy BAZIN, on 08-11-2022

The welcome is nice, the small show also, the visit is globally interesting. But... : - A good third of the automatons are broken down and not repaired, others are simple toys without originality that we see everywhere. You press buttons and nothing happens, and you think that you would like to be reimbursed for a part of the ticket. - Other attractions are poorly lit. - No checkroom, and it is hot... In conclusion, the general impression is: "cheap". It is necessary to find more original automatons and to MAINTAIN THEM regularly.

Star Star Star Star Star - Playful activity
Written by Saliha Badaoui, on 07-11-2022

The history of the theater and the magicians a little too long. Freedom of movement very much appreciated by the children. My little girls had a great afternoon and so did I. No problems with the reservation. I recommend this outing for parents and their children.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very fun and interesting outing
Written by NATHALIE B, on 06-11-2022

For all ages ... surprise and discovery of optical illusions ... fun guaranteed.

Star Star Star Star Star - Wonderful things for children
Written by Fernand Maillet, 05-11-2022

The magic presentation was amazing To be recommended absolutely

Star Star Star Star Star - The children were delighted with this playful and amusing visit behind the scenes of magic and automata
Written by Peggy Husson, on 04-11-2022

Interactivity The show in small groups The magic of the place

Star Star Star Star Star - Not bad
Written by eric arnaud crozat, on 03-11-2022

For children 13 year old daughter was a little bored

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice on the whole.
Written by CORINNE JOBARD, on 31-10-2022

Lack of refreshment of the place and average magic. For the children being an easy public it is convenient for them. Otherwise it's a must see and the people are very nice.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good change of scenery... very nice animation to discover the history of magic.
Written by NATHALIE BROULAND, on 29-10-2022

Very interesting for the whole family.

Star Star Star Star Star - Perfect
Written by Dounia Baaziz, on 28-10-2022

Very well

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting for adults, a bit outdated for children
Written by Claudine BERARD, 10-10-2022

Compared to the animated displays, the automatons may seem a bit outdated for children who nevertheless enjoy activating them. The magic show is a bit simplistic and very minimalist. As for the story of the magic made after the show, it is for adults, too difficult to follow for young children. I went with a 5 1/2 year old girl, but I think the automatons are more for adults.

Star Star Star Star Star - Several automatons out of order! Museum at the limit in relation to the age of the children (middle school minimum). Lack of interactivity.
Written by Dominique Ménétrier, on 07-08-2022

Several automatons out of order... Good magic show. The rest of the tour is not very interesting for primary school children

Star Star Star Star Star - A beautiful afternoon thanks to the Museum of Magic
Written by COLETTE MAGNIN, 02-08-2022

No problem to book or during the leisure activity. What I liked: - The special attention of two Museum employees for the old lady that I am: offering a chair, asking worriedly if I needed something. - The various automatons and the performance of the magician: he enchanted my great-grandson as he had enchanted my granddaughter 20 years ago.

Star Star Star Star Star - At the top
Written by Delphine , on 26-07-2022

Very good, my girls loved it! The magician blew us all away!

Star Star Star Star Star - Good idea for a rewarding activity in hot weather!
Written by Martine Monneret, on 19-07-2022

Interesting visit for children and an adult and a little show that we saw twice, the 8 and 9 year old girls asked for it! Thank you and in addition it was cool because we were in cellars ... So to recommend.

Star Star Star Star Star - I thought there would be a little more magic tricks
Written by Micheline Gladelle , 14-07-2022

No difficulty to book, my little girl really enjoyed all the activities

Star Star Star Star Star - very good
Written by Stéphane KLOSE, on 29-06-2022


Star Star Star Star Star - Marvelous vudute
Written by Odile JUSTER, on 11-06-2022

Extraordinary collection of automatons available for children. Fabulous magic session. Yes I recommend, nice family outing

Star Star Star Star Star - Positive feeling
Written by Anne-Marie Wanner, on 08-06-2022

We enjoyed the show very much. The ice room at the entrance. The distorting mirrors. The site (old cellar). No problem with the reservation. Yes, I will recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice with the family
Written by Amandine H, 31-05-2022

The automaton museum is a bit unexpected and out of time. The second museum and the show are very nice

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice museum adapted for children
Written by Yves PARISIS, on 30-05-2022

The museum is a little old but full of charm in the vaulted basement of a marsh building. Children love to play with the buttons that trigger the automatons and various animations. The magic show, although a little short, is exciting thanks to a very successful performance of the illusionist; the tricks are incredible because we see them from close up without being able to guess how he does it. Finally the entrance fee is correct.

Star Star Star Star Star - Satisfied
Written by Julien , on 24-05-2022

Museum with beautiful automatons. The girls (9 and 6 years old) liked it a lot but too many of them didn't work. The magic act was very good.

Star Star Star Star Star - Instructive and fun.
Written by MICHELE GAVANT, on 17-05-2022

Satisfied overall.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice.
Written by Bernadette Degove, 06-05-2022

The magician makes the room act and brings children and adults on stage. We often laugh

Star Star Star Star Star - A very pleasant outing
Written by Claire F., on 02-05-2022

We went with our 7 year old granddaughter who pushed all the buttons available, tested everything that could be tested, and happily participated in a magic trick during the show included in the visit. In short, she loved it and so did we. I recommend this experience to all curious people.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice visit
Written by Brigitte GUILLERM, on 30-04-2022

Very interesting

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Nicolas Conticello, on 26-04-2022

Super muse the children loved the show ... it is the most interesting. The magicians are great!

Star Star Star Star Star - Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to visit the museum.
Written by Beat Gerber, 24-04-2022

Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to visit the museum. Sincerely Béat and Liliane Gerber

Star Star Star Star Star - Perfect with children. We had an 11 year old and a 7 year old, they loved it!
Written by Pascale JALLET, on 22-04-2022

Old-fashioned but charming place. The activation of the automatons remains magical: our little children have tried all the buttons! And the close-up show is great.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great family outing
Written by Bophanavy Try, on 23-03-2022

Superb and interesting visit for the family in general. Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun and playful museum - ideal with children
Written by Axelle Utzschneider, on 13-03-2022

Small museum with a very nice welcome. Visit in 2 parts: magic show to start then discovery of the objects and attractions of the museum. A lot of things are interactive and my 8 year old daughter enjoyed it!

Star Star Star Star Star - No opinion possible
Written by Bernadette Degove, on 05-03-2022

Hello, I unfortunately could not go with my grandchildren to the museum of magic because I was hospitalized in emergency on 28/02/2022. It's only a postponement for the Easter vacations. Sincerely. B.Degove

Star Star Star Star Star - Show too short
Written by DOMINIQUE , on 20-02-2022

A little disappointed by the magician's performance, too short, compared to other magician's shows where I had taken other small children. On the other hand, Martin 8 years old loved to manipulate and test the different devices.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun visit warm welcome
Written by Isabelle Chartier, 14-02-2022

Very nice show... Interesting visit... Too bad that it is necessary to give coins of 2 euros to make function qq games...

Star Star Star Star Star - Very pleasant, very satisfied
Written by Catherine Chemla , 27-01-2022


Star Star Star Star Star - A great day
Written by Louise FORESTIER, on 24-01-2022

Everything is perfect, the kids loved it and didn't want to leave. And the place is beautiful. I recommend it.

Practical information

View schedule details Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm all year long School vacations zone C (All Saints, Christmas, Winter and Spring). Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 7 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 7 pm

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