The wonderful world of illusionists from the 18th century to today
Free for children under 3 years

Did you know that France is the country with the richest history of prestidigitation in the world? The museum of magic, created in 1993 is a unusual museum and exceptional which presents a unique collection around the world of magic. A fun visit in the world of illusion and dreams. Magic show with real magicians every half hour.

A very nice museum for families

  • This museum shows us that magic is a true art in its own right
  • A unique collection in the world is presented in the museum of magic: automatons, great illusions like optical illusions or magic objects...
  • About a hundred automatons (some of which are rare and old pieces) are also exposed
  • Permanent shows illusionism throughout the visit and presented by real magicians
  • Do not miss fake objects and secret objects (kids will love it).
  • An interactive and playful museum with small characters activated by pressing buttons

  • Price: 10? for children (3 to 12 years old) and 14? for adults
  • The automaton museum is free for children under 3 years old
  • Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm all year round
  • Open every day during the school vacations of the zone C
  • Closed on December 25, January 1 and May 1

Free for children under 3 years

Magic school (magic lessons)

Magic classes for children and adults are offered throughout the year at the Museum of Magic (except in July and August).

On the program of these magic classes We will teach you the tricks with cards, ropes, coins, goblets? and many other surprising tricks. We will also teach you gestures and behavioral psychology in front of an audience. For beginners or more experienced!

  • Children's magic lessons (8 to 12 years old): Saturdays from 2:30 to 3:30 pm
  • Magic classes for teenagers (from 13 years old) and adults Saturday from 1:30 to 2:30 pm
  • Rate : 20 ? for a 1 hour course and 80? for a card of 5 courses
  • Possibility of private lessons (on request)

I celebrate my birthday at the museum of magic

  • The birthday package of the Museum of Magic includes: a visit to the museum, a magic show and a small gift for each child (a little trick learned during the birthday party)
  • A room available for parents and children for snacks (brought by parents)
  • Information request at : +33 (0)1 42 72 13 26 (it is advised to make an appointment in advance)

  • Rate 25? per child (minimum of 10 children)
  • Age : from 6 years old
  • When Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, except during the short school vacations
  • The snack is the responsibility of the parents
  • Information request to: +33 (0) 1 42 72 13 26

Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star
Instructive and fun.
Written by MICHELE GAVANT, on 17-05-2022

Satisfied overall.

Star Star Star Star Star
Very nice.
Written by Bernadette Degove, on 06-05-2022

The magician makes the room act and brings children and adults on stage. We often laugh

Star Star Star Star Star
A very pleasant outing
Written by Claire F., on 02-05-2022

We went with our 7 year old granddaughter who pushed all the buttons available, tested everything that could be tested, and happily participated in a magic trick during the show included in the visit. In short, she loved it and so did we. I recommend this experience to all curious people.

Star Star Star Star Star
Very nice visit
Written by Brigitte GUILLERM, on 30-04-2022

Very interesting

Star Star Star Star Star
Written by Nicolas Conticello, on 26-04-2022

Super muse, the children loved the show? it is the most interesting. The magicians are great!

Star Star Star Star Star
Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to visit the museum.
Written by Beat Gerber, 24-04-2022

Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to visit the museum. Sincerely Béat and Liliane Gerber

Star Star Star Star Star
Perfect with children. We had an 11 year old and a 7 year old, they loved it!
Written by Pascale JALLET, on 22-04-2022

Old-fashioned but charming place. The activation of the automatons remains magical: our little children have tried all the buttons! And the close-up show is great.

Star Star Star Star Star
A great family outing
Written by Bophanavy Try, on 23-03-2022

Superb and interesting visit for the family in general. Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star
Fun and playful museum - ideal with children
Written by Axelle Utzschneider, on 13-03-2022

Small museum with a very nice welcome. Visit in 2 parts: magic show to start then discovery of the objects and attractions of the museum. A lot of things are interactive and my 8 year old daughter enjoyed it!

Star Star Star Star Star
No opinion possible
Written by Bernadette Degove, 05-03-2022

Hello, I unfortunately could not go with my grandchildren to the museum of magic because I was hospitalized in emergency on 28/02/2022. It's only a postponement for the Easter vacations. Sincerely. B.Degove

Star Star Star Star Star
Show too short
Written by DOMINIQUE , on 20-02-2022

A little disappointed by the magician's performance, too short, compared to other magician's shows where I had taken other small children. On the other hand, Martin, 8 years old, loved to manipulate and test the different devices.

Star Star Star Star Star
Fun visit warm welcome
Written by Isabelle Chartier, 14-02-2022

Very nice show? Interesting visit? It's a pity that you have to give 2 euro coins to make some games work.

Star Star Star Star Star
Very pleasant, very satisfied
Written by Catherine Chemla , 27-01-2022


Star Star Star Star Star
A great day
Written by Louise FORESTIER, on 24-01-2022

Everything is perfect, the kids loved it and didn't want to leave. And the place is beautiful. I recommend it.

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Practical information

See schedule details Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm all year long School vacations zone C (All Saints, Christmas, Winter and Spring). Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 7 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 7 pm

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