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The Escape Games outdoors

You are teacherrecreation center animator or holiday camp activityresponsible for an association for young people. And you're looking for a playful excursion or cultural event in Paris for a children's or teenagers' groupThese Escape Games aim to discover Paris for children and teenagers through games and puzzle solving in connection with a district or the history of Paris. These Escape Games develop a sense of orientation and observation.. They are culturalteaching and funFor each Escape Game, you can build up to 4 teams of 6 children or teenagers (12 teams for the Marais)s, or groups of 24 young people about for Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, the covered passages (72 young people for the Marais). Mandatory presence of an adult for each team)The game lasts 1h30 (including 15mn of explanations). They are all outdoorsexcept Covered passageways outside and under cover in the passageways.

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