A magical holiday in Paris

Although it is one of the most popular holidays of the year, it is not completely free! In fact, in addition to the festive activities specific to the 14th of July, such as the popular balls and the famous fireworks, we also recommend many other very nice activities for the whole family. The list is long!

If you come to Paris for a weekend in July

(we advise you to book your tickets in advance for the tourist activities)

Special July 14th festivities ??

  • CONCERTJuly 14 symphony concert at the Champs-de-Mars (from 9pm)
  • DANCINGThe balls of July 14 in Paris
  • PARADE - As every year since 1880, the July 14th military parade
  • FIREWORKS - It will be shot from the Eiffel Tower from 11pm. For a front-row seat, the last Bateaux-Mouches departure is at 11pm. You can admire the fireworks from the Seine. on the boat departing at 10:30pm or 11pm (we advise you to arrive one hour before the boat's departure to gain access to the quay) >>. I RESERVE

Outdoor Escapes Game on July 14th weekend

Treasure hunts scheduled for Thursday, July 14 (+ weekend)

Guided tours on July 14th weekend

Privatize a guided tour

And also, the great classics on July 14...

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