What to do in Paris when it rains?

10 ideas in Paris if it rains...

  1. From 2 yearsThe city of Science (inescapable)
  2. From 2 yearsThe Paris Aquarium
  3. From 2 to 3 yearsThe Great Gallery of Evolution
  4. From 5 yearsThe Paradox Museum (new)
  5. From 5 yearsScience Experiments
  6. From 6 yearsThe visit of Rex Studios 
  7. Ages 6 and up - The Museum of Magic (with optional "Alice's diary" treasure hunt)
  8. From 7 yearsThe Enigma Stroll in the Louvre Museum
  9. From 10 yearsThe immersive game "Arsène Lupin and the secret of the Opera
  10. From 1m20Flyview, 4 virtual reality experiences (min. 1m20)

Top 5 outside Paris, if it rains...

  1. Saint-Denis Basilica (93)
  2. SeaLife Aquarium (all audience)
  3. La Villa Savoye (Le Corbusier) (with teenagers)
  4. The castle of Fontainebleau (all audience)
  5. The visit of the Stade de France (all audience)

News from Paris, if the weather doesn't cooperate!

what to do in Paris when it rains?

The year-round must-haves, if the weather's bad...

These are not three drops of rain or a gloomy weather that will prevent us from putting our face outside! Here are our suggestions for exits and D'activities (cultural or recreational) to do with your children and teenagers in Paris and in the suburbs on rainy days: museums, temporary exhibitions, visits to monuments or castles, concert workshops, movies or more original Rex Studios or FlyView where the Catacombs of Paris (with teens).