Exceptionally this year, due to preparations for the Olympic Games in Paris, the July 14, 2024 military parade has been moved to avenue Foch (Paris 16th).

The military parade on avenue Foch (16th district)

No July 14th without the traditional military parade in the presence of the President of the Republic

  • Every year, the July 14th military parade features different regiments of the French military.
  • It closes with a spectacular demonstration of French aviation.
  • This year, the theme of the parade is "Protecting together. On this occasion, soldiers of the French army present drones, robots and other innovations used in the army.
  • It's an impressive sight!
  • For 2 hours, 196 vehicles, 4,212 men and women marching on foot and 200 cavalrymen of the Republican Guard in Paris descend the Champs-Elysées. (this year on avenue Foch)
  • The parade includes a spectacular air show featuring 66 aircraft and 36 helicopters.
  • Be careful, during the morning of July 14th, it is very complicated to circulate in Paris.
  • Above all, don't travel by car!

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