A treasure hunt on the Montmartre Hill
Team game (2 to 6 people)
All audiences (ideally from 10 years old)
treasure hunt in Montmartre
  • 29 euros per participant for individuals (adult or youth)
  • 35 euros per participant for TeamBuilding
  • Free for children under 9 years old

1935 ? An old artist discover a fabulous treasure hidden since the French Revolution under the Butte Montmartre.

After having spent a good part of it, he decides to hide what is left somewhere in the neighborhood, leaving indices in its notebooks.

2019 ? The notebooks of the artist have been found but it is impossible to decipher the secret? It is up to you, experienced investigators, to do everything possible to find the treasure of Montmartre !

  • It is a historical treasure hunt that takes place outdoors
  • Place : the Montmartre district
  • This game is played in teams ideally 6 participants max. per team, but it is fun from 2 people
  • Duration of the game : 2h
  • Meeting place : 10, rue de la Bonne, Paris 18ème

  • You are welcomed by your interviewer-trainer 
  • He will introduce you to the story, give you all the essential documents for the smooth running of the game and will organize the teams (if needed)
  • With the game bookThe game will last 2 hours, with 8 riddles to solve, the objective being to get to the final stage as quickly as possible (without getting lost)
  • Point of interest : the Montmartre hill
  • The investigator-trainer will select the winning team
  • A little surprise will be waiting for you at the arrival but we won't tell you more!
  • During the game, you can call your investigator at any time to help you if you are stuck

Privatization (school, extra-curricular, CE, rallies, EVJF, EVG...)

  • For schools and extracurricular activities (schools, leisure centers, youth associations, town halls): from 10 years old (end of primary / secondary / high school)
  • For schools and extracurricular activities: free for adults (teachers, organizers, etc.), accompanying adults, etc.
  • For the organization of rallies, family outings (CE), adult groups, EVG, EVJF
  • Request for quotation / information : Contact us


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Star Star Star Star Star
Written by Lorena, on 24-05-2022

A great day with Chloe, who made us discover the Montmartre area in a different way! I loved this game and its history, thank you again for sharing your passion with us! To be done again!

Star Star Star Star Star
Written by Mathilde, on 19-05-2022

Really a great time, Chloe is very involved to make sure we have a great time. I was able to discover Montmartre in a different light. It was really a great experience.

Star Star Star Star Star
Written by J. P, on 05-05-2022

Thank you for this discovery of Montmartre... Thank you to Chloe for her welcome and also for all the information about this eventful past that she knew how to communicate to us with brio

Star Star Star Star Star
Escape Game in Montmartre
Written by Jennifer EDLER von Graeve, 28-04-2022

This activity really allowed us to discover Montmartre from a different angle. The organizer is friendly, attentive. However, the price is really high for this type of activity: 15 euros / person would have been enough. At 30 euros / person, I expect to have the game digitized on a tablet or at least to be able to write on the map but no ?.pity.

Star Star Star Star Star
Written by Nathan, on 25-04-2022

The investigation is very well created, telling real facts, in a fun way so that the whole family will enjoy it. I really enjoyed looking for all the clues scattered around Montmartre that are used to solve the puzzle and find the treasure. However, rest assured! The terrain is relatively easy to navigate, we take advantage of it to walk around. We learn a lot of things throughout the investigation, and crisp anecdotes told at the end of the adventure by Chloe.

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What to do in the Montmartre district?

Practical information


A fabulous experience! Chloe's treasure hunt is THE perfect way for kids and teens to discover Montmartre while having fun as a family! A great memory and an experience that I recommend to all families who want to visit this beautiful part of Paris!

Ms. Chloe is a true Montmartre and Pigalle enthusiast. Her game is challenging yet fun and a source of pride for the children who find the clues and the treasure. Our hostess gave us additional historical information and suggestions for drinks and dinner in the neighborhood.

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