CORONAVIRUS:     The activity has not resumed for Bateaux-Mouches cruises (no date of resumption known to date).
On the other hand, the cruises on the Seine have resumed with the Vedettes de Paris and the Bateaux Parisiens.

Tickets from 6 euros + reduced rates for Duos and Family
(tickets valid for 2 years)

Take the boat 1h10 to discover the most beautiful monuments of Paris from the Seine
It's magic, romantic, a must do not miss!

bateau-mouche pour voir Paris
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WE love : discover Paris over the water. It's romantic and magical at any time of the day
REDUCED FARES : reduced rate on all Promenade cruises, without conditions of use. Tickets are valid on the day and time of your choice, without reservation, during 2 years.
Duration: About 1h10
Free: for children under 4 years old

Car park : Free parking on the dock, for all guests during the cruise


  • The Bateau-Mouches pier is located at the Alma bridge (Conference port on the right bank of Paris).
  • Each Bateau-Mouche passes in front of Eiffel Tower, Musée d'Orsay, the National Assembly, the Louvre Museum, the Town Hall, the Conciergerie and of course Notre-Dame.
  • Return to the starting point: the path forms a loop, like that of the Paris river shuttle.
  • Comments in French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean Chinese, Japanese and Russian
Bateau mouche le parcours d'1h10
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Group rate (+ 15%): Contact us


  • Discounted rates without conditions of use
  • Tickets valid all year: the day and time of your choice, without reservation
  • Flexible, undated or non-registered tickets
  • Tickets valid for 2 years from the date of purchase
  • Upon your payment, you will receive by mail your e-ticket to scan when boarding: no checkout
  • It is not necessary to print the ticket, it can be scanned from your smartphone
  • In case of non-receipt of the E-ticket, thank you to check your mail (including your box of junk)
  • E-tickets are neither cancellable nor refundable


  • High season (April to September): departure every 30 minutes from 10h to 22h30.
  • Low season (October to March): a departure every 40 minutes from 11h to 21h20. Extra departure at 10:15 am in the morning.
  • The duration of the cruise is about 1h10.

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  • High season (April to September): departure every 30 minutes from 10 am to 10.30 pm
  • Low season (October to March): departure every 40 minutes from 11:00 to 21:20. Extra departure at 10:15 am in the morning


Alexandra Dupuis

We made the visit yesterday and I want to emphasize the advantage of having a ticket: pass directly to the turnstile with the scan of the ticket without going back through the box, which allowed us to arrive first on the boat and choose the locations of our choice, followed by two complete Asian tour buses. We were there from 9:30 to take the first boat leaving at 10:15. It was nice!

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Olivia Team Familin'Paris

After August 15th, the affluence is less important. There are boats every 30 minutes so little problem to get on board.
Otherwise, the parking on the platform is free, the time of the cruise, for all customers of the Bateaux-Mouches cruise.


I can not find the boat fly family offer.
Could you tell me where the offer is located, please? Thank you

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Agnes Team Familin'Paris

Hello, at the moment we have a Flash sale on GBOs (it ends today).
The family offer will be offered again at the end of the Flash sale.

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