• WE LOVE : their homemade sauces and their rebellious potatoes
  • SPECIALTIES smoked beef or pork
  • AMBIENCE: industrial with open kitchen and red brick, and the smoking room, of course!
  • PLACE 2 Rue Théophile Roussel, 75012 Paris (near Gare de Lyon)

A simple and very nice place to share smoked (quality) meats that are simply delicious.

At Rhino Rouge, kids love french fries and ketchup!

  • At the Red Rhino, Ketchup is homemade (we like) and delicious french fries Their "rebellious" potatoes are first popped and then fried!
  • As for the meat, you can choose between beef or pork, cooked for at least 8 hours in a smoker that comes straight from Texas.
  • This cooking results in a melting meat (a bit like the leg of 7h), smoked with a unique taste. 
  • To accompany the meats, 3 homemade sauces. Everything is served on trays, Texas style!
  • The Red Rhino also thinks of those who are careful about their figure !
  • You will choose their candied vegetables. Finally, we tested theyuzu crumble .

red rhino

Our suggestion for a family meal at the Rhino Rouge

  • Share platters to test and taste the different types of cuts (brisket, rib eye and Black Angus beef baron aiguillette, pulled pork and Baby back ribs) !
  • The meat (shredded) is so melting that you don't need to cut it. It can be eaten with a fork. Practical with children!

traditional restaurant in Paris


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