At Bercy Village (in the 12th district)
  • WE love a stunning, aesthetically pleasing virtual reality experience. An incredible immersion in the world before!
  • Age Recommended for children aged 11 and over (prohibited for children under 8).
  • duration Allow 1h (45 min tour)
  • When Daily (until March 30, 2025)
  • Where Access from 45 rue des Pirogues 75012 Paris

A fascinating and highly educational expedition

  • "Missing Worlds is an educational discovery for the whole family, accessible to all
  • Thanks to this technology and cool narration and full of humor, the message of this experience is sure to touch the youngest
  • Virtual reality allows us to cross the most ancient eras and approach the world in all its diversity
  • By evoking the earth's upheavals, we address the fragility of the human beingof the plant and animal world

Once upon a time, 3.5 million years ago ...

  • In the geology gallery of the Jardin des Plantes, you'll find this new 2000 m immersive experience2
  • We're off to discover the world as it was 3.5 million years ago to the present day thanks to virtual reality (VR)
  • Equipped with our helmets, we follow Charlie the researcher and Darwin her robot, two avatars very knowledgeable on the subject and from the year 2223.
  • It's a funny feeling whenwe cross these paleo-landscapes as the specialists call them
  • Walking in the desert, you perch on the canopy of a tropical forest, straddling soil from 314 million years ago teeming with strange bugs...
  • We cross paths with grazing dinosaurs, marine reptiles and giant centipedes.
  • Thanks to this technologythe Museum's scientists were able to recreate in image and sound with a lot of humor the results of their discoveries
  • The expedition ends in 2023 among the giraffes, in our present-day world.
  • But our fellow travelers from 2223 are surprised to see them, for where they come from, there are none left...
  • And to think that the Jardin des Plantes was under the sea 120 million years ago!
Missing worlds - Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle - trailer

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