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Free admission for all

La Ferme de Paris: an educational farm

La Ferme de Paris is a 5-hectare farm, designed for children.Admission is free. It is located in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes, not far from the hippodrome de Vincennes where Super Sundays (another free event).
This farm is managed according to organic farming practices, respecting the environment and animal welfare. No synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics) or GMOs are used and organic matter is recycled. The land is divided between crops (orchards, educational vegetable gardens, demonstration plots for field crops and permaculture), pastures and animal shelters. At the farm, we discover :

  • orchard which collects a collection of fruit trees 
  • The vegetable gardens which show a great diversity of vegetables and of aromatic and medicinal plants
  • The grain field
  • The nourishing forest, an island of coolness in summer
  • On weekends or during the week, families can attend and participate in farm work
  • farm animals: sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and rabbits. 

What animals can be seen at the Bois de Vincennes farm?

  • Normandy ganders and geese, Rennes cuckoo hens and roosters, Royal turkeys, Rouen ducks and ducks
  • Rabbits and rabbits Fauve de Bourgogne
  • The Gascon gilts
  • The goats of the ditches, the sheep of Ouessant

The sheep spend the night at the police station...

  • 10 ewes and 6 hens were stolen from the farm in Paris in June 2020.. The unfortunate ones had been abandoned in a vehicle on the Drancy side.
  • They were safely returned to their pens after spending the night in the police station yard. It was the cries of a baby whose mother sheep had been stolen that alerted the caretakers the day after the theft.

Our opinion on the Paris educational farm

While some parents may find the location simple and the animals too few, we love this place because it is open to allentertaining and informative for the children, free and that it is always a joy for city families to take their children to the middle of goats, sheep and rabbits.


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