20% discount on the Enigma Walk
With the family (from 8 years old), with friends, with grandparents...

Equipped with your logbookGo for a 3 to 4 hour walk and solve the riddles to advance on the course. A real "playful" breath of fresh air with family, friends, students, for an EVG or EVJF...

puzzle game or treasure hunt in the Bois de Vincennes
  • Tarif : 19,90€ for the track game (whatever the number of participants)
  • Who is it for? in family (with children from 8 years old) or between friends
  • When Whenever you want, you choose the day and time of the treasure hunt.
  • Number of people : ideally 6 participants max. (but you are not limited)
  • Carnet de bord : your booklet (logbook) will guide you throughout the walk. You can print it (all or part of it) or download it on your phone. You have 1 year to download and use your Enigma Walk!

The points of interest of this Puzzle Walk

The Pagoda of Vincennes, the Zoological Park of Paris (Vincennes Zoo), the Palais de la Porte Dorée, the Temple of Love, the Place Edouard Renard (Paris 12th arrondissement)... Warning : the monuments and sites on the route are not visited

Our opinion on this playful stroll

  • Flexibility you take your walk at your convenience and at your own pace!
  • Playful to advance on the course, it will be necessary solve puzzles on a wide variety of topics (cinema, music, literature...) which makes the walk fun and motivating.
  • Cultural for the most curious, the "Read more" will give you exciting information on history, geography, anecdotes related to your location
  • Cheap an original activity at less than 20 € for the whole group

What's this all about?

A stroll on foot - a puzzle game - at the Bois de Vincennes and in the 12th. It's the "greenest" of all Puzzle Walks !

Equipped with four documents made up ofa logbook that tells you where to go and how your ride will be with lots ofpuzzles to solvelocal map to find your way around, from a toolbox full of surprises and a notebook with the solutions (but don't read ? ), you'll walk at your own pace and advance along the route step by step, as soon as each puzzle is solved! If you get stuck, don't panic, That's what the solution book is for..


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