The rock restaurant that kids love

14, bd Montmartre, 9th - Metro Grands Boulevards

hard rock café, the kid friendly restaurant

  •  Burgers
  • The atmosphere, the rock decor. Open on Sunday.
  • Book! It is trendy and always very popular.
  • Around € 18 the burger and € 8 for a dessert.

Hard Rock Café: it's all an atmosphere, it's America in Paris

It's the cult restaurant of American pop culture. We're coming to the Hard Rock Café for the unique rock experience in a warm and musically "noisy" atmosphere. It's a real museum which houses the living legend of rock stars, with his collection of objects hanging on the walls that belonged to the biggest stars of the music industry, its plasma screens and its exceptional sound system. The restaurant is ideally placed after visiting the museum Grévin, it is just 30 m from it. We find the Hard Rock Café very nice at night.

The temple of burgers

The burgers are particularly good, made with fresh products and concocted on the spot by the chefs. The burger comes in 9 recipes (including a veggie option). Salads, nachos, tortillas for those who do not want burgers. Special kid menu, for children under 10, but they can also share the dishes that are very rich.

The kids love

Kids, especially teens, will love the Hard Rock Café, its music, its atmosphere and its rock shop where you can find the essential T-shirts and rock fashion accessories. For budding rockers, entertainment is organized every Sunday.
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Practical information

View schedule details Every day from 11:30 to 23:30.

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