A classic that kids love!

Peter and the Bewitched Princess

  • WE LOVE : a lovely fable. This interactive show is sure to be a hit with the kids!
  • AGE : for children aged 3 to 8
  • DATE: from July 18 to December 31, 2024
  • DURATION: 55 minutes
  • LOCATION: Theater Le Bout (Paris 9th)

A princess, a witch and a lover ...

  • This lovely show, successfully performed for the 16th year, is an adorable fable about wickedness and its consequences.
  • From age 3, children will discover Princess Violette, once so sweet ... but unfortunately bewitched by Mordurudru the jealous witch
  • With this spell, Violette became evil, terrorized her kingdom and became incapable of love.
  • But then there's Pierre ... perhaps his love will save her from the witch's clutches?
  • Children interact with the actors and intervene in the course of the story by participating in the characters' decisions.

Press coverage ...

  • TELERAMA : "Close to their audience, the protagonists never stop questioning the little ones. The answers follow one another, and the approach is ideal for capturing their attention."
  • PARIS PANAME : "A comedy that's sure to delight moms and dads alike!"
Peter and the Bewitched Princess - teaser

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