A musical comedy in the time of the Pharaohs

Tutankhamun and the golden scarab

  • WE LOVE : a sure-fire hit with children who are still fans of ancient Egypt
  • AGE : for children aged 4 to 10
  • DATE: July 15 to January 04, 2025
  • DURATION: 1 hour
  • LOCATION: Theater Le Bout (Paris 9th)

A story of love and adventure in the time of the Pharaohs!

  • Between myth and reality, this musical show has been whetting children's curiosity for 16 years on stage!
  • The High Priest would do anything to gain full power and reign over Egypt ... but to do so, he must find the Golden Scarab.
  • Only Tutankhamun, the future pharaoh, knows the secret location of the precious object ...
  • As Tutankhamun falls madly in love with Ankhesenamun, will he be able to foil the evil plans of the Grand Vizier and save his kingdom?
  • In a great setting and set to song: between fear, love, anger and forgiveness, children are captivated by the story and rediscover this fascinating period of Egyptian antiquity.

Press coverage ...

  • TELERAMA: "The Egyptian sets and costumes are brilliant, and the actors play their roles with gusto".
  • MEDIA 92: "Learning about the history of Egypt while having fun at an early age is a great idea! Ancient Egypt is revisited to give children a taste for this show, but also to stimulate their highly productive imaginations."
Tutankhamun and the golden scarab

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