To have a lot of eyes ! Ideal from 7 years old

Attention, the Geode is currently closed for renovation

In a spectacular mirror ball equipped with the Imax process, we witness a 180° projection on a hemispheric hemispheric screen. You will love !

The Géode is a cinema with a 180° hemispheric screen. It is located just outside the outside of the City of Science and Industry at the Villette. At program, spectacular documentaries.

  • animal, scientific or geographical documentaries,
  • that make the most of the technical possibilities of the room
  • and give the impression of flying, swimming or diving with the camera.
  • Most of the films are accessible from the age of 7, provided that you are not too sensitive to nausea, due to the due to the inclination of the seats.
  • Strong sensations guaranteed!
  • Before leaving the room, admire through the glass of the projection room the gigantic horizontal reels. horizontal.
Show in Paris, with or without binoculars

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Agnès Team Familin'Paris

We do not have any information about the reopening of the Geode.

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Olivia Team Familin'Paris

The Geode is still closed and we have no information about when it will reopen

Martine Renaud

I am planning a visit to the Parc de la Villette for Christmas. Will the Geode be reopened?
Thank you for your answer
good day

Martine Renaud

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Olivia Team Familin'Paris

Hello Madam,
For the moment the Geode is still closed and we have no information about the date of reopening.

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