What happens in Paris in February?

The news of the month with movies, shows, concerts...

February announces the beginning of the winter school holidays... After the month of January, when we are recovering from the Christmas holidays, where we have filled ourselves with galettes des rois and where you feel more like staying warm at home, in February, you put your nose outside!

And also in February in Paris, we advise you:

The exhibitions we love

We really fell in love with "Walking and Gaiting - The History of Shoes" at the Museum of Decorative Arts. At the Picasso Museum, Picasso, Magic Paintings" which ends on February 23rd and which is an opportunity for children to discover the world of Picasso. At the Cité des Sciences, the ideal "Spy" with teenagers, it is a hit! At the Palais de la Découverte, we loved the exhibition "De l'amour", which approaches this theme from all angles, scientific and artistic. An exhibition that should do them good! At the Musée de l'Homme "Je mange donc je suis" to learn everything about the biological, cultural and ecological aspects of our food (ideal from 10 years old). We look forward to February 23rd, at the Cité des Lumières "Monet, Chagall, Renoir... from impressionism to modernity".

This month's recommended shows

Theater side

With teensWithout hesitating "Les Franglaises" at Bobino, a jubilant and crazy show, "Le Porteur d'Histoire", at the Théâtre des Béliers Parisiens, an extraordinary text! Always and again "Edmond", a dazzling play at the Théâtre du Palais Royal (1st). A great classic revisited "Cyrano de Bergerac" at the Théâtre Funambule.
With the 7/12 years oldAnd finally, "Quasimodo - The Hunchback of Notre-Dame", at the Lucernaire Theatre, a beautiful adaptation of Victor Hugo's work.
With toddlers (between 6 months and 6 years old), no less than 10 plays, such as "La Princesse au Petit Pois dans la Tête" (from 3 years old), "Cendrillon" (from 3 years old), "Au secours, le prince Aubert a disparu" (from 4 years old) or "L'Envol du petit oiseau" (from 6 months old).

Musical Comedy Side

"The Opera Locos" at the Théâtre Libre, the great Opera arias re-visited by 5 singers or "Ghost, the musical", the French musical inspired by the cult film. Great, she plays the extensions at the Théâtre Marigny "Funny Girl, the musical" (until March 7th only).

If you like the circus

Circus Bormann: "Juracirque", a family circus very close to its audience (all year round in Paris). With Cirque Paname: "Le Monde de Jalèya", a show event, a hybrid show of a new kind. And until March 15, a great classic with Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione and its show "Défi!".