Family cruises on the Seine 

One of the most beautiful way to visit Paris!

Paris by boat on the Seine for discover the most beautiful monuments and sights of the capital: it is simply unavoidable. A 1 hour walk on the Seine with the open-excursion boat, the Stars of Paris, the Bateaux Parisiens or any other company of scenic boats, that's magical. At any time of day or in the evening, discover the charm of Paris, aboard cruises on the Seine. We have a preference for cruises at dusk. All cruises on the Seine proposed are roughly similar. The trip and services for a boat trip on the Seine are very close, only the starting point can be different: the Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches leaves from the Alma bridge while the Vedettes de Paris and Bateaux Parisiens depart from the foot of Eiffel Tower.