The most beautiful castles in Île-de-France

You have want to escape from Paris and go out and get outside Paris? Why not leave for the day and schedule visiting a castle around Paris. If time allows it, think picnic ! All these castles have beautiful parks and gardens with picnic areas.

The Palace of Versailles (to the west)

  • At Versailles (78000) west of Paris from Paris
  • Access : 20 km by car from Paris Center or by train from the RER C, Montparnasse or Saint-Lazare train stations
  • Open Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday) - Open on public holidays (except December 25 and January 1)
  • WE love : The splendor of the castle, the Hall of Mirrors, the French gardens, the Park 800 hectares, the boat on the Grand Canal, Big Musical Waters and Big Nocturnal Waters with sound fireworks
  • Top with children: the little train, the electric carts, the boat, the bicycles, the guided tours family ...


visite du chateau de versailles

The castle of Malmaison (in the west)

  • In Rueil Malmaison (92500) 15km west of Paris / li>
  • Open every day of the year except Tuesdays, December 25th, January 1st 
  • The imperial residence of Napoleon and Josephine
  • WE love : The charm of the gardens and the richly decorated castle that gives an idea of the life of the imperial couple


visite du chateau de Malmaison, autour de Paris

The Château de Breteuil (in the west)

  • In Choisel (78460) 35km south-west of Paris, between Versailles and Rambouillet
  • Open every day of the year without exception
  • WE love : The storyteller who tells the tales of Perrault , the castle and the gardens
  • Top with children: the tales of Perrault staged in the castle and in the park, the storyteller


The Château de Rambouillet (to the west)

  • In Rambouillet (78120) 55km south-west of Paris
  • Open every day of the year except Tuesdays, and closed the following holidays : January 1st, May 1st, November 1st, November 11th and December 25th
  • WE love : The splendor of the castle and its ceremonial apartments as well as its sumptuous gardens
  • Top with children: ride a bike, or electric carts, go boating


Découvrez le château de Chantilly en famille

The Château de Chantilly (north)

  • In Chantilly (60500) in the north of Paris
  • Access : 40 km by car from Paris Center or by train from Gare du Nord or RER D
  • Open all year (except in January) - Open on public holidays
  • WE love : the visit of the castle, the French garden, the Park of 115 hectares, the stables (the biggest in Europe), the horse museum, the vegetable garden of the Princes
  • Top with children: the little train, the ride in hydrophilic, the treasure hunt and quiz with the booklet distributed at the entrance, the living museum of the Lower Court and the kitchen garden of the Princes


Château de Pierrefonds (north)

  • In Pierrefonds (60350) in the north of Paris
  • Access : 80 km by car from Paris Center
  • Open all year (except January 1st, May 1st and December 25th)
  • WE love : a castle reinvented by Viollet-le-Duc to make it an ideal castle as it would have existed in the Middle Ages.
  • Top with children: family workshops


Chateau de Pierrefonds horaires et accès

The Château de Vincennes (to the east)

  • At Vincennes (94300), at the gates of Paris
  • Access : 20 minutes by car from Paris Center or metro (line 1) or RER A or bus (46, 56, 86)
  • Open all year except l1st January, 1st May and 25th December
  • In this former royal residence from the 12th to the 18th century, discover daily life in the Middle Ages.
  • Visit of the castle, dungeons and Sainte-Chapelle


Le chateau de Champs sur Marne près de Paris

The Castle of Champs sur Marne (to the east)

  • 18 km east of Paris (77420)
  • Open all year except Tuesdays, January 1st, May 1st, November 1st, November 11th and December 25th
  • A jewel of classical architecture in Île-de-France
  • Visit of the furnished castle and French gardens


Le chateau de Vaux le Vicomte et ses jeux pour enfants

Vaux-le-Vicomte (to the south)

  • At Maincy (in the 77)
  • Access: 1 hour from Paris Center or train from Gare de l'Est and then shuttles
  • Open all year except January 8th to March 16th and November 5th to 23rd
  • The immoderation at the time of Louis XIV, a child-sized castle, a magnificent park,
  • Many activities for children and families : costumed tours, an Escape game in the underground river, pedalo, electric carts
  • of the annual events : Candlelight visits and dinners, water games, egg hunts, the "Grand Siècle" day, the chocolate palis, Christmas at the castle ...


The castle of Fontainebleau (in the south)

  • In Fontainebleau (in the 77)
  • Access: approximately 1h15 from Paris from Gare de Lyon
  • Open all year except Tuesdays, January 1st, May 1st and December 25th.
  • Renaissance and Clacissime!
  • The only royal and imperial castle inhabited continuously for seven centuries
  • Many activities for young audiences