Small and large favorites... and long live the choose and collect!
We have selected nice stores for babies, children and teens : eco-responsible store toys for the little ones, organic cotton clothing store or made in France, nice toy store, useful addresses for mothers who don't live in a big city... But also, the most beautiful fashion brands for children and teenagers. Convenient online shops for moms (and dads) who don't always have time to go shopping, who need to find quickly small gifts for the birthdays of friends... Addresses at all prices, good plans or more upscale shops.

Our favorite
(for the little ones)

Big favorite

Les Petits Raffineurs (for children up to 6/7 years old)

Great gift and toy ideas for children up to about 6 years old: for Roupilleurs (0/1 year), Trottineurs (1 to 3 years) and Galopeurs (3 to 6 years)

Les Raffineurs : nice ideas, great products...
(for older children)

the Raffineurs gift shop

L'Avant.gardiste, the trendy bazaar and original finder
(for older children)

Ingenious coloring tables

Les Drôles de Bouilles (from 3 years old)

Are your kids ready to dive into the adventure?
The coloritables: the enchanted vegetable garden, the crazy farm, the unforgettable dive and the great trip

A toy store for the little ecologists

Ekobutiks (up to about 6 years old)

An eco-responsible online store like we like!
Wooden toys (up to 5 years old), plush toys, soft toys, books, early learning toys, bath toys...

Creative leisure, awakening, birth, imagination games...


Pretty brands like Roty Mill, Djeco (French brand created in 1954), Kallo (French brand)...

For fans of board games


Thousands of board games, from the great classics to the latest novelties... Investigation games... Games for the little ones!

For puzzle fans big and small


They are very cheerful, colorful and their graphics absolutely beautiful! Puzzles to promote Caribbean art and culture. These puzzles, real paintings were made from paintings of Caribbean artists. Some of them areditions are limited and numbered.

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