Schwartz's Deli, a delicatessen, in a classic New York style

16, rue des Ecouffes, 4th arrondissement - Metro Saint-Paul

7, avenue d'Eylau, 16e - Metro Trocadero

22, avenue Niel, 17e - Metro Ternes

schwartz-deli the kid friendly restaurant

Schwartz's Deli, the temple of New York burgers

Checkered tablecloths, movie posters, ads and photos on the walls, successful decor and atmosphere of a New York deli. On the menu at Schwarz's Deli, everything that characterizes a traditional New York deli: burgers (excellent), pastrami, bagels, coleslaw (cabbage, carrot, onions). The real plus of Schwartz's Deli: quality ingredients. The meat is particularly tasty. The ground steak is thick, you choose your cooking. All the ingredients that make up the burger are chosen with care: salad, onions, mushrooms, bacon... Vegetarians are not forgotten with the veggie burger.
It's kosher, you can find the traditional Jewish products, without pork, like pastrami, Krakow sausage, turkey bacon...

No children's menu, but very generous portions to share

The portions are generous for a reasonable price. This restaurant adapts to small appetiteswe just share the dishes.

A nice and lively atmosphere

In our opinion, Schwartz's Deli is a great place to be with kids or teens. The atmosphere is friendly. Be careful on weekends it is often noisy and there are many people. But that's the price of success!

Practical information

See schedule details Monday to Friday from 12 to 3 pm and from 7:30 to 11 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5 pm and from 7 to 11 pm

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