We love this original and fun family activity?

Electric boat rental Paris

On board, Moussaillons! Thanks to the rental of an electric boat, sail WITHOUT LICENSE... on the Villette basin and the Ourcq canal (40 kilometers of waterways). An activity of 1 hour to 1 day of your choice.

Do we like it?

  • It is an original and unusual "family" outing in Paris
  • It's easy, no permit, safe
  • Renting an electric boat, it's a vacation
  • We discover another facet of Paris and it is ecological
  • You can dock, leave your boat for a walk, a picnic, a snack...
  • It is very playful with children


Rates for renting an electric boat

from 40? to 310?
depending on the size of the electric boat and the duration.



The electric boat trip

Practical information and tips

5 formulas of electric boat rental :

  • The formula 1h (to make 3 small circles in the water)
  • The 2h formula - 6km trip (round trip) (to have fun, to taste)
  • The 3h formula - 13km journey (return)
  • The 1/2 day formula - 16km (return trip) (to picnic, to have a snack, to walk around...)
  • The 1 day formula - 20km trip (round trip) (7 and 11 seats only) (for picnic, for Street Art...)

I discover (according to the formula and the size of the boats) :


Practical information

See schedule details 7 days a week, from 9:30 am to 10 pm

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