Parc Asterix reopens its doors to the public on 15 June. It is necessary to reserve your tickets in advance. No purchase at the checkout on the day of your visit.

A theme park loved by children ... and parents

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A busy day in perspective. Although provided with all the attractions ad hoc, the Asterix park remains more family-sized and more humane than his American cousin.

On the occasion ofHalloweenThe Asterix Park celebrates the evil monsters with Fear in the ParkLong days and 4 nights to thrill the whole family!


For the youngest

  • The big Splatch : after a trip full of aquatic effects, go down the final descent of 11 meters!
  • Caesar's spies : embark in a monorail in the colors of the Roman legion and overhang the park
  • The oxygenarium : in a whimsical scenery, board a family buoy to enjoy the 195 meter downhill toboggan ride
  • National 7 : do your toddlers dream of driving like you? let them take the wheel to discover funny and unexpected scenes.

For the older ones

  • Oziris : Lighthouse attraction park, embark for this big eight where you will have your feet in the void, guaranteed sensations !
  • Goudurix : another roller coaster, where you can string loopings and tendrils, one of Europe's most "stunning" big eight
  • The trace of Hooray : an unpublished version of the "made in Gaule" bobsleigh, which goes downhill at 60 km / h
  • Thunder of Zeus : totally designed in wood, its 30 meters height will impress the most adventurous, under the eye of Zeus. Lightning!

Warning: for some attractions, you must respect a minimum size, check before you start that the whole family is above


  • Not less than 32 attractions, some of which Hair-raising. Do not be surprised, you will probably be wet.
  • Hurry, upon your arrival, on both must, the Goudurix, the most "stunning" attraction of the park and the Thunder of Zeus, the most "lightning".
  • Shower insured with the Menhir express : an eventful walk in the midst of eddies and swirls of water.
  • Do not miss, the afternoon, the super show " Low hand on the Mona Lisa ".
  • In July and August, night with fireworks !
  • Do not want to wait? The Rapidus Pass gives you priority access to certain attractions (additional option)

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  • It is possible to lunch on the spot, but the quality is not always at the rendezvous. Think of take your picnic and have lunch in the park : it's much more fun.
  • Access by train: RER B (3), get off at Charles De Gaulle Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 3. Then take a shuttle (there are every 30 minutes).
  • Access by car: via the A1 motorway towards Lille, between exit 7 and 8. Approximate driving time is 40 minutes from Paris
  • In air-conditioned coach from Paris (departure at 8:15)

Practical information

View schedule details The Asterix Park is open from 15 June until the All Saints' Day holiday.
From 10h to 18h, except some nocturnes (closing at 22h)

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