February 2nd at 2pm - Departure 44 avenue d'Ivry (13th)
A change of scenery guaranteed!

big free parade for the Chinese New Year in Paris

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: the change of scenery in Paris for a big party for the new year of the rat
Age:  for everyone
When:  February 2nd from 2pm
Location:   44 avenue d'Ivry (Paris 13e)
Rate :  Free

Big parade for the Chinese New Year

  • On January 25, we enter the year of the METAL RAT (year 4718). It succeeds the year of the Earth Pig
  • As every year for more than 30 years, Paris celebrates Chinese New Year with a spectacular and colorful parade
  • The departure of the great Chinese parade takes place in the heart of the Asian district of Paris, at 44, Avenue d'Ivry
  • The Chinese New Year parade will be composed of about 40 groups with more than 2,000 participants
  • The route: 44 avenue d'Ivry, avenue de Choisy, boulevard Masséna, avenue d'Ivry.
  • "HAPPY NEW YEAR" ???? (Xinnian Kuaile) or ??? (Xinnian Hao) !


chinese new year paris

Paris free : the new year parade

Course of the Chinese New Year parade

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