A 360° view of Paris
the Generali Paris balloon at the Parc André Citroën

From : 14€ 13€ VAT INCLUDED

Strong points

  • A unique view of Paris from the 15th arrondissement
  • A very original outing which is very appealing to children
  • It's the biggest ball in the world!

Le Ballon général de Paris

  • Climb aboard the hot air balloon installed at the André Citroën Park and admire the breathtaking view of Paris.
  • It does not movehe soars through the air at 150m height above the André Citroen park
  • The balloon can accommodate up to 25 people per flight (depending on wind strength).
  • Flight duration : 10/12 minutes approximately.
  • Think of taking a small wool, it can be chilly up there.
  • And above all, recharge your phones and cameras to shoot Paris.

Timetable for the Ballon de Paris Generali

  • Every day from 9am until 30 minutes before park closing time
  • During school vacations, it can get very busy. Ne advise you to come in the morning or at the end of the day.. The light is often more beautiful
  • The Ballon Générali only flies when the weather is favorable. We strongly advise you to call the day of your visit just before you go. ( on 01 44 26 20 00).

Ballon de Paris Generali - Prices

  • Adult Rate (12 years and +) : 18 euros
  • Child rate (ages 3 to 11): 12 euros
  • Free for children under 3 years old

Practical information about Ballon Général de Paris

  • Flight duration 10/12 minutes approximately
  • Attention: the flight is forbidden for pregnant women
  • Tickets are not dated or time-stamped. You can go whenever you want

Find the list of our reviews

Star Star Star Star Star - At the top
Written by Aurélie Hubault , 06-03-2024

A great experience for the whole family.

Star Star Star Star Star - Not very attractive experience
Written by Hamza Darifi, 04-03-2024

We waited two hours to validate our tickets, knowing that we had already paid for our tickets online. 20€ for 10 minutes in the sky, knowing that you're not flying, you're on a rope. I wouldn't recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Ballon de Paris
Written by Pierre-Étienne BOIREAUX , 28-10-2023

This flight would benefit from a commentary in French and English for foreign tourists. Pleasant flight

Star Star Star Star Star - Ballon generali
Written by Claudine Ducongé, 23-10-2023

Alas, I'm waiting for good weather! This balloon doesn't work very often, and I've got the tickets!

Star Star Star Star Star - Ballon de Paris
Written by Anne Andre, 20-09-2023

Here's what I think: it's an easy and very interesting activity. I took my 12-year-old grandson and he was really delighted (we did it 2 times in a row... the weather was fine, of course! Thank you very much. AM ANDRÉ

Star Star Star Star Star - LAME!
Written by Michèle Dejonghe, 18-09-2023

our activity was cancelled at the last minute, without warning, on the pretext that it was a bit breezy... the staff didn't seem to want to work after 6pm! as we were from the provinces, we won't be able to do this activity again.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello Mrs. Ballon de Paris, We're sorry, but it's true that Ballon de Paris must take weather conditions into consideration for safety reasons. If it's windy, the balloon is absolutely not allowed to fly. I think they are the first to regret this.

Star Star Star Star Star - Ballon de Paris
Written by Khodr El bechnati, on 17-09-2023

We waited 2 hours 30 minutes and after this long wait we unfortunately couldn't get on.

Star Star Star Star Star - Ballon de Paris
Written by Ma CENCIG, 02-09-2023

A great experience, but before you go, make sure that the weather conditions are right for the balloon to fly.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Geneviève NEGRI, 24-08-2023

Great experience with my 2 grandchildren The staff were pleasant and attentive and met all our expectations Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Shadow problem
Written by Jason Serret, 24-08-2023

The attraction is very good, and the staff are very friendly. However, given the temperatures and the full sun, extra umbrellas are needed for shade, as waiting an hour in the sun is complicated.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Célia DOS SANTOS, on 19-03-2023

In Paris for a weekend, this is a great activity to do. Friendly staff.

Star Star Star Star Star - balloon PARIS 15
Written by Elodie Fremont, 09-03-2023

Extra ! guaranteed sensation

Star Star Star Star Star - Balloon Ride
Written by Carol Moore, on 30-09-2022

The balloon ride was amazing! First off going up in a hot air balloon is exciting but being able to go up and see Paris was beyond my dreams! I would highly recommend this activity to anyone that visits this beautiful city. The people in charge were courteous and answered any questions that I had.

Star Star Star Star Star - The Paris balloon didn't take off in the end because it was windy.
Written by Liora Mendelsberg, 29-08-2022

The balloon from Paris didn't take off in the end because it was windy. Our tickets are still valid.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by L'Equipe Familin'Paris

Of course, your tickets remain valid (with no time limit) as long as your Ballon de Paris tickets have not been used.

Star Star Star Star Star - No flights that evening
Written by Marielle Cholet-Ganne, 19-08-2022

Hello, it was raining that evening. The balloon didn't fly. How much time do I have to use my tickets? Merci bonne journée. Mme Cholet-Ganne

Star Star Star Star Star - Ballon de Paris
Written by Fika Makuenda , 18-07-2022

Unfortunately, we didn't do our activity. I lost the e-mail containing our tickets.

Star Star Star Star Star - Ballon de Paris
Written by Yann Gonin, 18-05-2022

Several hard-fought matches

Star Star Star Star Star - The ball flies when it wants
Written by Guilhem Fabre, 16-05-2022

The balloon wasn't flying and the phone number to check it wasn't answering. So 2 hours round trip for... nothing.

Star Star Star Star Star - poor organization
Written by JOSEPH ELBAZ, on 12-05-2022

I bought 3 tickets (1 adult and 2 children) on the internet, paid for them and the next day, the children were thrilled at the idea of going up in the air with this balloon ,......MAIS: a 20-metre long queue, I went to the ticket office and showed the purchase of the 3 tickets, only to be sent back to the queue and told that I had to queue to be given a "boarding pass". We waited for nearly an hour in the heat, and as the queue didn't move and the children couldn't take it anymore, we left disappointed. Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Hot-air balloon
Written by Roselyne Coste, 04-05-2022

Too windy, cancelled, postponed!

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From : 14€ 13€ VAT INCLUDED

From : 14€ 13€ VAT INCLUDED

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