Hors control, the children's party

OUT OF CONTROL, the children's boom, a monthly meeting

OUT OF CONTROL: the little railway workers' boom!
With INDIA CALLING, destination India, its colors, its music, and of course its Bollywood films!

  • WE love : the free children's boom with many animations
  • Date Next date: June 16, 2024
  • When once a month
  • schedule from 3pm to 6pm
  • Age : for all
  • Free : for all
  • Place Ground Control ( 81 rue du Charolais - Paris 12e)
Hors control la boum pour les enfants

A dance floor for young and old

Once a month, "Fingers in the socket" and "Ground control" invite big and small  to come raging out onto the dance floor and enjoy the entertainment and giant games installed for the occasion at Ground Control.

With each edition, a new theme, a new decor! And a guest DJ, who usually plays for the "big kids", ready to try his hand at an audience of overexcited children...

On Sunday, June 16, HORS CONTROL takes the train!
Departure from Ground Control station.
At the head of the train, DJ BEAR is joined by another driver of choice to derail the train.
the turntables: the legendary WOODY BRAUN, saxophonist with the Malka Family and legendary DJ of the
Funky French League!
The one and only conductor is LOLALOO DES BOIS, guiding your swaying beats.
in the crazy wagons...
Be careful at the start: boom guaranteed, totally out of control!
Home decor and games : RADIKAL UTOPIA
Make-up : SIKY MAKE UP & co

It's free for everyone

free boom at Ground Control

Practical information

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