To make children eat vegetables!

brick pastry panels

You can do anything with Brick sheets! It is an ideal base for a "kitchen of the cupboard" recipe. Sweet, salty, vegan, with tuna, with meat... Pick from your cupboard and your fridge and invent your own recipe!

Basic ingredients : sheets of brick
With cooking (baking)
Cooking time 45 minutes

Recipe #1: canned tuna + 1 leftover puree

  • Mix the mashed potatoes (or mashed cooked potatoes) with a little fresh cream and chopped chives. Season with salt and pepper.
  • You can replace the mashed potatoes with 3 medium-sized cooked potatoes. And the chives with parsley or coriander

Recipe n°2 : potato + bacon + reblochon

  • Savoyard-style pannequets!
  • for 4 persons : 3 cooked potatoes, 1 packet of smoked bacon, 120gr of reblochon cheese, 1 sliced onion


1 - You can add chopped onions
2 - If you can't find yellow or black carrots, orange carrots will do just fine
3 - You can replace the comté cheese by another grated cheese


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