Guided tours in Paris around Street Art

For each neighbourhood, a different approach to Street Art
In BellevilleYou will find all the "spots" and urban supports that have allowed artists to express themselves with Street Art. The guide will take you to rue Denoyez where you will discover an impressive space with its graffiti-covered walls. It is one of the richest areas to see Street Art. The guided tour in the 13th allows you to discover a district in full transformation. Raise your nose and admire the immense frescoes created by internationally renowned collectives or artists. The guide proposes to discover these frescoes from the Place d'Italie to the quays of the Seine. La Butte aux cailles is a charming village... who kept a bucolic soul. It's the countryside in Paris! It's also a neighborhood that has seen Street Art "bloom" in recent years.
Your guide will take you to this charming district by taking you through small streets and unknown addresses that hide little treasures in Street Art: the Barrault passage, the Place de la Commune or the Villa Daniel. He will tell you the history of this district and its emblematic places: the swimming pool of the Butte aux Cailles or the Place de la Commune. And will make you discover famous artists such as Miss Tic or Seth. An unexpected visit with two aims: the discovery of a district and its country atmosphere and the discovery of the modernity of Street Art.

The most popular guided tours are...

The most popular: "Street Art in Belleville"
The most original: the visit "When Street Art Tells the Swamp."
The most bucolic: "Street Art at Quail Hill."
The most impressive: "The monumental frescoes of the 13th."
The sportiest: When Street Art tells Montmartre


<noscript><img src="Revolution tour", guided tour in Versailles">

"Revolution tour", guided tour in Versailles

  • The historical guided tour on the French Revolution
  • Ideal for families, with children from 10 years old
  • In Versailles (78)
  • Free for children under 12

<noscript><img src=Guided ride in electric scooter">

Guided ride in electric scooter

  • A very nice guided tour of Paris
  • A guided walk of about 2 hours in Paris
  • Reduced price

<noscript><img src=Guided tour in electric Quad">

Guided tour in electric Quad

  • Top with teens!
  • 1h30 ride in Paris on a quad bike
  • Reduced price

<noscript><img src=Paris by night on an electric scooter">

Paris by night on an electric scooter

  • So nice with teenagers!
  • A guided walk of about 2 hours in Paris
  • Reduced price

<noscript><img src=Tour of the walkways with a guide">

Tour of the walkways with a guide

  • The astonishing history of these galleries and Parisian passages
  • In the 2nd and 9th, on the Grands Boulevards...
  • Reduced price

<noscript><img src=Guided tour of the scenes of the Stade de France">

Guided tour of the scenes of the Stade de France

  • For football fans (and all others)
  • In Saint-Denis (93)
  • Free for children under 5 years old

<noscript><img src=Walk in Paris in Hoverboard">

Walk in Paris in Hoverboard

  • Initiation + stroll on the quays of the Seine
  • Ideal from 8 years old
  • Reduced price

<noscript><img src=The guided tour "Paris in cartoons"">

The guided tour "Paris in cartoons"

  • An original and regressive theme
  • Duration 1h30 - Course 2 km