The free sport and family event!
September 29, 2020 (PENDING CONFIRMATION COVID 19)

Famillathlon, to experience sport with your family, free of charge

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: the day to experience sport with your family
Age:  for everyone
When:  September 29
Location:   at the Champ de Mars (Paris 7ème)

Famillathlon, it's family, free and fun

  • The day to experience sport with your family and transmit the taste and pleasure of sport to children
  • It's a free event, open to all .. to young and old alike / li>
  • This day is dedicated to sport, its practice and its benefits,
  • Sports teachers, associations, volunteers, make discover or rediscover, share and try a lot of sports activities all together
  • On the programme of the Famillathlon 2020 : all sports and handisport ! Athletics, running, martial arts, fencing, boxing, hoops, blind tandem ...
  • It's at the Champ de Mars, all day long

Family sport at the Famillathlon


The Famillathlon, everywhere in France

  • IN NEVERS : Saturday 14 September at Leo Lagrange stadium
  • IN PARIS: Sunday 29th September at the Champ de Mars
  • In LUZARCHES : Sunday 29th September at the Montgriffon Golf Club
  • IN MULHOUSE: Sunday 29th September at Gluck Square
  • In VERSAILLES: Sunday, October 6 at the Parc de Madame Elisabeth

free sports and entertainment event

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