More than 13,000 specimens presented in 70 tanks
Open 7 days a week, even on holidays
Reduced rate from 2 adult or child tickets purchased

A very nice family outing

  • From January 14 to May 12, 2023, the exhibition ?The Rabbids at the Paris Aquarium(included in the price of the entrance ticket)
  • A touch pool to pet carp and goldfish (fish love it)
  • medusarium absolutely fascinating and hypnotic with its 25 pools filled with jellyfish of all colors ?
  • of the shows and workshops for kids
  • of the pedagogical animations and creative workshops

The Paris Aquarium

  • The Paris Aquarium is the most beautiful aquarium in Paris
  • It is a very educational place and perfectly adapted to children
  • The Paris Aquarium is 70 basins which present the whole of the French coasts of Metropolitan France and Overseas, a giant aquarium full of sharks, in front of which you can sit and watch the ballet of the fishA shark tunnel, 3 aquariums ?nursery?, a medusarium, the largest exhibition of jellyfish in Europe...
  • Children will also discover a shark tunnel and a tank with sometimes shark eggs. They will be able to attend feeding of fish and can carp and goldfish stroking

Useful information

  • Open 7 days a week, including holidays
  • Duration of the visit between 1h and 1h30
  • Schedule From 10am to 6pm (cash registers close at 6pm)
  • Free for children under 3 years old

The expo of the moment: The Rabbids at the Paris Aquarium

  • Included in the price of the ticket for the Paris Aquarium
  • From January 14 to May 12, 2023
  • ?The Rabbids at the Paris Aquarium? seek to raise awareness among young people and adults about 3 R with an exhibition (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), a game trail and small shows (from 2 1/2 years old).

Ticket information

  • E-ticket immediately on your smartphone (no need to print the ticket)
  • In order to respect the sanitary norms, the tickets are time-stamped: thank you to come on the day and the hour chosen at the time of the reservation
  • Once your payment is made, you will receive your e-ticket by email to be scanned at the entrance of the museum. No need to go to the cash desk
  • The reservation date can be changed, if necessary. However, once issued, tickets are neither cancelable nor refundable.
  • For Christmas, the terrace in front of the Paris Aquarium is transformed into a real Swiss village
  • Typical chalets, in front of the Eiffel Tower! With attractions, miniature train?
  • A catering offer is proposed with real half and half fondue, raclette Saint-Niklaus, meat from the Grisons, veal sausage, meringues with double cream and Ovaltine?
  • Inside the Paris Aquarium, it's Christmas too: luminous trees, fairy automatons, garlands and other decorations?
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - A magnificent aquarium with potential to be developed
Written by Alexandra , on 24-03-2023

The aquarium is beautiful, the reception is pleasant. It is a pity that the café restaurant was closed. I also wonder about the prices of the playground, which is under construction in front of the aquarium. The entrance tickets are still quite expensive + the souvenir store which you have to pass through to get out (even if the products sold are of good quality and affordable prices) + the games area? All this gives a feeling that we want to empty our pockets. It's a pity. Here are some ideas: make the place for waste more visible to raise awareness about the pollution of the seas. It's always impressive to see what you find there. On the other hand, for small children the visit can seem a bit monotonous. They would be happy to run around and play with the images of the interactive projection for example. I wish you good luck with the work!

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice visit
Written by Frederic LAMBERT, on 21-03-2023

Hello, we visited the aquarium of Paris with the children. They were delighted to see so many fish and to be able to touch some of them.

Star Star Star Star Star - much too expensive
Written by Dominique Amouyal , 20-03-2023

It's way too expensive Impossible to get a refund for an adult ticket (sick person) not enough fun apart from the koi carp area very interesting jellyfish room, magnificent specimen

Star Star Star Star Star - Good
Written by isabelle , on 14-03-2023

The Little Mermaid show was much more

Star Star Star Star Star - Much appreciated by young and old
Written by Renaud Guilianelli, on 11-03-2023

Very diverse Great forum on jellyfish Rabbits and Cretins activity, good in spirit but too offbeat

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Sandra B, on 05-03-2023

No problem to book online. The plus of booking your slot is that we are not on top of each other. I went with my 2 children of 5 and 8 years. I paid 58 euros. Honestly I was very disappointed with the lack of variety of animals from the sea. The exhibition around the "rabbits" was more than lame and did not bring the fun side I was hoping for. For me the price is not worth the quality of the service.

Star Star Star Star Star - A very nice outing
Written by Sarah Ayed on 03-03-2023

The children enjoyed themselves, we appreciated this outing to the aquarium. There were not many people, it was small and very pleasant.

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointment
Written by Mallory, on 22-02-2023

For a city like Paris, I expected better. The tour was done quickly, so not great in terms of value for money. An outing that keeps the kids busy in case of bad weather but not essential otherwise. The + of the visit was the pond with the carps that the children can touch. Easy booking on familinparis with discount, I recommend booking through this site!

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice discovery
Written by CHRISTOPHE CHIOCANINI, on 19-02-2023

- The size of the aquariums and their diversity; - Easy booking with discount on the familinparis website, no waiting line at the entrance; - Yes, we have already recommended this activity to our relatives.

Star Star Star Star Star - very good
Written by ingrid pompa , 19-01-2023

the access to the interior of the aquarium all the way with strollers very complicated

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Christophe MASSENA, on 21-11-2022

Very nice outing that our 2 twins of 4 years old appreciated a lot. On the other hand a lot of people especially at the 2 shows.

Star Star Star Star Star - A little disappointed
Written by Linaelle Morisset, on 15-11-2022

It's nice to see the wonder of the children but the aquariums are a bit repetitive. The sharks are only visible on two large windows. For the fame of Paris, this is a little light as an activity. One pays for the Trocadero's setting but not for the semplendor of the aquariums.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice visit but rather fast so a little expensive
Written by Magali Bataillé, on 13-11-2022

Immersive visit in the marine world that delights young and old alike, but quite fast

Star Star Star Star Star - Immersive, educational and beautiful.
Written by Nicole, on 22-08-2022

No difficulty in booking or on site. The "playful" animations were not very attractive (for the adults as well as for the young child (3 years old) who accompanied us). The aquariums (presentation, diversity, explanations) were very pleasant and interesting to observe. The signposted route and the general design allow you to avoid stepping on your feet and to have easy access. Not accessible to all.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good moment birthday gift for our 5 years old son
Written by Aline Sabourdy , 12-08-2022

No waiting on arrival. The fish, the aquarium and the sublime mermaid. The staff is very welcoming, friendly and available. The toilets are very clean. What it is necessary to spend a good moment, possibility of sitting down for the people who need it on all the course. We had to change our tickets because there was no train to come and the person on the phone to make the change was very kind and understanding of our difficulties. We recommend this activity moreover we have shared on Facebook these good moments.the only regret mob husband being blind he has no audio guide.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very beautiful and interesting.
Written by Marina Capalbo, on 10-08-2022

No problem. The medusary is very rich. I would have liked to have seen larger sharks.

Star Star Star Star Star - VERY PLEASANT VISIT.
Written by NANOU, on 07-08-2022

Simple and fast booking. Very beautiful aquarium and diversify....the basin with carps which let themselves be caressed, for the children: it is fabulous! Superb visit that I highly recommend.... It is really to see!

Star Star Star Star Star - We loved it
Written by tassadit belhamdi, on 31-07-2022

I highly recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Geraldine Garcia, on 26-07-2022

Very nice! Playful and educational, this aquarium is magnificent.

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb
Written by Kevin Garcia on 16-06-2022

I really recommend a great day

Star Star Star Star Star - Top
Written by Massidé Diallo, on 14-06-2022

Great aquarium my kids loved it

Star Star Star Star Star - The children liked
Written by amelie boulanger, on 05-05-2022

Having done nausica in Boulogne we were a little disappointed but for those who have not done nausica it is good

Star Star Star Star Star - Too fast and expensive
Written by Géraldine COPY, on 29-04-2022

very quick visit, not enough hooks for toddlers

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Laura Paillet, 14-04-2022

Super disappointed I did not find it crazy. The big aquarium has been covered and is therefore less impressive. I went there several times and I was really disappointed. And 25? for the adult entrance is too much.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Benjamin Clermont, on 09-04-2022

I had a great day! Very instructive for my daughter to whom this day was obviously excellent! Great time. ?

Star Star Star Star Star - TOPISSIM
Written by Zaharia Aboudou, on 13-03-2022

We liked all the big as the children especially them a great time to spend Ok will come back when we come back to Paris

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Fabrice, on 08-03-2022

Very appreciated by children and adults, excellent welcome by the staff, rich in lessons: not to be missed!

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice but fast
Written by Fanny R, on 08-03-2022

It was nice but the visit is quite fast for the price

Star Star Star Star Star - Overstocked
Written by L, on 26-02-2022

Much too expensive for what it is. Very crowded. Aquarium very badly maintained.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by yasmina achitouv, on 24-02-2022

I recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Too expensive
Written by Irene , on 21-01-2022

Aquarium very small and very cluttered. Price too high for the offer.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice visit
Written by Magali MAROTEL, on 18-01-2022

Yes, I recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good
Written by Birgul Fiore, on 12-01-2022

A very good idea for an activity with children

Star Star Star Star Star - Lousy
Written by Marie Pavalloni, on 04-01-2022

I do not recommend this activity because the aquarium is poor in species and very poorly maintained. Too many tanks are empty. It is undignified for the aquarium of the capital.

Star Star Star Star Star - the children were very happy with this visit
Written by gerard ruffier, on 27-12-2021

I recommend this activity

Star Star Star Star Star - Great moment
Written by Hajar SADAOUI, on 20-12-2021

Great time with my son. We were amazed by the countless species present. There is really something for everyone. The carp petting pool was just sensational. The only drawback is that access with a stroller is complicated because there is no elevator outside and the one in the aquarium to reach the hall was out of order.

Star Star Star Star Star - VERY GOOD MOMENT
Written by Marc Bessou, on 01-12-2021

Very good moment with my little boy of three and a half years He discovered in movement what he was looking at in books until then and his joy was intense. Beautiful scenography moreover. He complained a little about the absence of whales, I told him that it was a little complicated to install !!!!

Star Star Star Star Star - Nil
Written by Jérémie Gaudet, on 25-11-2021

Waiting in the rain while we booked our tickets online The children got sick You ruined our vacation? Your organization is really pathetic Very bad, very bad

Star Star Star Star Star - what a disappointment
Written by Alexia, on 17-11-2021

the aquarium is much too small, the variety of fish is not optimal too many people, you should reserve days for schools, it was hellish easy to book

Star Star Star Star Star - Very satisfied9
Written by francoise vallat, on 10-11-2021


Star Star Star Star Star - uninteresting
Written by Martine POMMIER, on 10-11-2021

1. Little diversity in the presentation of flora and fauna, 2. Serious breach of safety standards during the small show of the Mermaid, room 10: too small, too many people accepted, about 4 people sitting on the floor / m², jostling and irritation or even insults from some, performance of the mermaid too limited and not enough to be seen by children (apparently little breath so forced to go up often to catch his breath at the surface). 3. we will not recommend this offer

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice experience!
Written by Khadija Souidi, on 09-11-2021

I highly recommend for the little ones to the big ones!

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting but too many people.
Written by Guillaume Saby, on 08-11-2021

We had a reservation for three people on Sunday 31 October at 3:30 pm. The aquarium itself is really nice with a lot of species to discover but unfortunately the crowds and too many people at the same time spoiled our visit. Why ask for a visit time when everybody can come back at any time. At the same time for an aquarium to be squeezed like in a sardine can...

Star Star Star Star Star - Too many people and not adapted for strollers
Written by Armaud Gaydon, 06-11-2021

It was very crowded when we went there on Monday 1/11/2021, we had to queue in front of every window and it was hard to move around. It was almost anxiety-provoking. Place not adapted at all for the strollers, we had to carry it several times (notably at the entrance) We will not go back there!

Star Star Star Star Star - Satisfied!
Written by lalala, on 06-11-2021

My 3 year old son really liked it. It's a little expensive and currently you have to wait in line for the health pass. These are negative points.

Star Star Star Star Star - *
Written by philippe le cossec, on 05-11-2021

Too expensive for what presents

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good
Written by Marie , on 23-10-2021


Star Star Star Star Star - Fun
Written by Bangaly Kaba , on 15-09-2021


Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice. Funny little show for children.
Written by david mazzoleni, on 12-09-2021

I recommend, good organization, everything went well.

Star Star Star Star Star - a magical underwater world with dry feet.
Written by Maryse LEGHLID, on 19-08-2021

The atmosphere is magical for both children and adults, with the colors and the diversity of the animals presented. A small drawback is the absence of a document distributed at the entrance that allows you to visit the aquarium in its entirety without losing the thread of the visit. Another drawback: the information on the contents of each aquarium is not indicated.

Star Star Star Star Star - I recommend
Written by valerie fauvet, on 12-08-2021

Great color, well laid out and explanations for each aquarium

Star Star Star Star Star - Top
Written by Marie Nicaud, on 29-07-2021

Stroller access problem

Star Star Star Star Star - Top
Written by Fatima A. on 27-07-2021

Very good, my child loved being able to touch the fish, she didn't want to leave the tank in question. I recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - A great family visit!
Written by Charles Bernet, on 15-07-2021

We booked the 6:30pm slot on a Saturday not realizing that the aquarium closed at 7pm. Everyone seemed surprised by the existence of this slot but let us in thinking that we were early for the 7pm nocturne! In the end, it was magical since we were alone between 2 slots (for the jellyfish and the sharks it was really worth it). We even did the circuit a second time (for our son who had fallen asleep). On the other hand, we realized that some of the pools were no longer lit, which is a pity for those who only go at night. In short, a nice opportunity and a good time with the family

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Roseline Sayag, on 13-07-2021

The time of the show was not communicated to us. We arrived at the end! And it was not possible to see it again later. What a pity!

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Charlotte Spadotto, on 13-11-2020

I went with my children (11 and 8 years old) during the All Saints' Day vacations. The little one was delighted because she saw a mermaid, for my part 2 min of show.... It's class!!! The children appreciated to be able to caress the fish. The visit lasts 1 hour, not more as I saw in other reviews. This aquarium is very good for little ones, not really interesting for older kids. I strongly advise against the restaurant !!!!!

Star Star Star Star Star - pleasantly surprised by the quantity and diversity of fish
Written by corinne B., on 02-11-2020

yes I recommend, there are many fish and other, well presented, a pleasant moment with the children and even a playful interlude with the caresses to the fish.

Star Star Star Star Star - Aquarium of Paris
Written by jean-luc Zanin, on 02-11-2020

Perfect fast reservation with correct price for a family pack recommended

Star Star Star Star Star - Expensive, crowded, and siren animation too short
Written by Anna , on 30-10-2020

The entrance tickets are not given, the wait is long before being able to enter the site. The animation with the mermaid lasts 5 minutes, the children leave frustrated. The aquarium on this Sunday morning was full to bursting, honestly it was absolutely to avoid in this period of pandemic but impossible to turn back for the children.

Star Star Star Star Star - Good
Written by Axel L, on 28-10-2020


Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed
Written by Ltg, on 27-10-2020

A place not very well maintained, many empty basins. A very high price In short, it's not worth it, we enjoyed the tropical golden door aquarium much more.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice outing
Written by Raphaële A, on 26-10-2020

An original and very interesting outing for children from a very young age. The pools with the fish are very beautiful, and the attraction Claire La Sirène fascinated them. I recommend it and we will go back.

Star Star Star Star Star - A nice disconnection
Written by laetitia savoye, on 26-10-2020

Thanks to the family offer, we were able to escape for a day to the aquarium of Paris. We had a great time and we were amazed by all these little wonders. Our visit lasted much longer than the others, since my 8 year old son didn't want to leave the petting pool anymore. It's a great idea to have done this. ???? The sharks, jellyfish, nemo etc... were a treat. This day, we also had the chance to attend Simon's show, or how to learn while having fun.

Star Star Star Star Star - Top
Written by Oumiya Founasse, on 13-10-2020

My 3.5 year old son loved it! It was cool on the kid-friendly pool

Star Star Star Star Star - Nice for a rainy afternoon
Written by Philippe Bénistant , 11-10-2020

+ carp to pet - children running around

Star Star Star Star Star - The happy buyer
Written by Vera Lúcia DA SILVA, on 02-10-2020

I highly recommend buying the tickets with "familinparis". No problem, everything went very well.

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointed...
Written by karinette, on 24-09-2020

Well, that's just fine. The visit is short, in one hour if you take the time, it's over. The shark tunnel is not a tunnel at all, it's average. The only positive point is the basin where you can stroke the fish, it is very nice. We go there once but we don't go back.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice visit
Written by BL, on 15-09-2020


Star Star Star Star Star - At the top
Written by Ana Alves, on 12-09-2020

Very quick booking. Not many varieties to see but a good time with the family anyway

Star Star Star Star Star - nice place, recommend it
Written by pascale becaas, on 11-09-2020

perfect visit, little waiting at the cashier, reservation on the net, recommend !!!!

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointment
Written by Clémence Waldisberg , 06-09-2020

Our visit lasted 30 minutes in all. Big disappointment. Apart from the sharks, not much to see.

Star Star Star Star Star - Expensive and disappointed
Written by Jennyfer Jules, 31-08-2020

Too expensive for what it is time slot reserved at 17:30 and at 18:40 we close the store in the nose while the aquarium closes at 19h! Impossible to buy a small souvenir for my son who was also very disappointed!

Star Star Star Star Star - Huge disappointment
Written by Marie Christine Fromont, on 30-08-2020

The aquarium is very outdated, the animations are very low-end ... Big disappointment, but thanks for the reduced price, of course .... The booking went very well, especially when I asked for a change of date. But I thought the aquarium was more modern. The museography sucks, the show is below what you can expect in a city like Paris. I would not recommend this activity to anyone. The small tropical aquarium of the Porte Dorée is more fun. Too bad.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very satisfied
Written by Josiane Montjean, on 28-08-2020

Very interesting offer, very satisfied

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointing
Written by Amandine Moreau, on 23-08-2020

Very short and not at all spectacular. It was my first aquarium and I am very disappointed.

Star Star Star Star Star - Decu
Written by pascal moscatelli, on 22-08-2020

Disappointed by the aquarium, it is common and not very large and even less grandiose .... I was disappointed compared to other that we visited for the same price! It is done quickly.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice discovery
Written by Aurélie Keller, 21-08-2020

Very nice discovery in the heart of Paris. The children (2, 3 and 5 years old) were amazed. The price is a bit high but it's understandable considering the location and the infrastructure. We had the chance to do this visit at 1:30 pm when it was not too crowded which greatly contributed to the success of this experience.

Star Star Star Star Star - Beautiful discovery that this aquarium of Paris. Visit having lasted 1h20 with two children of 5 and 2 1/2 years. Very nice time spent stroking the fish. I regretted not being able to attend the show of Claire the Mermaid because of the crowd
Written by Françoise MERLET, on 20-08-2020

No difficulty for the reservation

Star Star Star Star Star - Rather disappointed
Written by Nathalie Amand, 18-08-2020

Compared to other aquariums visited, this one is rather low, even if some species like jellyfish are worth a look

Star Star Star Star Star - an exceptional, wonderful and educational place for children and even adults. Thank you
Written by Philippe GUERIN, on 12-08-2020

-All is well -No difficulty, Covid + Heat wave = few visitors a real happiness, we can enjoy much longer aquariums - To see and to see again, I recommend


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