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A new kind of show, a fantastic and dreamlike creation
Age:  for all, from 6 years old
Duration:  Until February 23rd
Location:   Hippodrome de Paris Longchamp (Paris 16th)

cirque de Paname, a new kind of circus in Paris this season

Le cirque de Paname : a great show of a new kind

  • A new circus, of a new kind, now settles in Paris during the winter, at the Longchamp racecourse.
  • A custom-made dome was specially built to accommodate the latest Parisian circus, the Cirque de Paname and its great shows.
  • On stage, 14 acrobats, 10 dancers, 4 live musicians, 2 singers, 3 actors, nearly 200 costumes ...
  • An inventive and spectacular scenography which integrates water jets, flames, water curtain, odorama, video projections, sound spatialization...
  • A great show between reality and illusion for a show that is not only breathtaking but also magical and poetic


See the video of the show

circus in Paris this winter

circus of Paname, the show to see with your family at the Longchamp racecourse

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