One of the favorite parties of children!

The opportunity for children to to dress up and eat sweets... Teenagers also play games. Here is a small selection of outings and Halloween parties with your family (with children or teenagers)  in Paris and Ile de France : concert, entertainment, horror parties where pumpkins, ghosts, monsters, witches and company will be at the rendezvous.Halloween is October 31st but is celebrated for several days, before and after October 31st.

<noscript><img src=The Dreadful Sea of Sand celebrates Halloween!">

The Dreadful Sea of Sand celebrates Halloween!

  • On the programme: make-up, gooseflesh tales, funny skeletons ...
  • Ideal from 3 years old
  • In Ermenonville (60)

<noscript><img src=The Disney Halloween Festival">

The Disney Halloween Festival

  • the kids' and teens' favorite Halloween attractions.
  • For the whole family

<noscript><img src=Guided tour of "Paris of Crime"">

Guided tour of "Paris of Crime"

  • The Paris of big criminal cases (around Saint-Michel)
  • Duration 1h30
  • Reduced price

<noscript><img src=The Manoir de Paris">

The Manoir de Paris

  • The horribly scary haunted house!
  • For ages 15 - 25. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age
  • Paris 10ème

what to do on Halloween in Paris

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